Wendy Williams checks into treatment center as son fears her alcohol abuse might be ‘fatal’


TV host and media entrepreneur, Wendy Williams‘s son fears for her life as she is currently in a treatment center amid her battle with alcohol abuse.

Williams, who is also battling Graves’ disease, previously hid her battle with alcohol abuse.

She recently dropped out of a speaking engagement at the Atlanta Women’s Expo in May and was caught drinking at Fresco by Scotto and then The Townhouse in March — a few months after leaving rehab.

‘Wendy is at a facility doing her best to be her best,’ her manager, Will Selby, told Entertainment Tonight.

Selby told the website that he feels like people put out ‘negative information’ about Williams, 58, without ever asking about how she is really doing.

‘Why don’t we just stop for a moment and just say, “Hey, how is she? Is she doing OK today?’” he added.

‘Why is that not the focus? Why isn’t that what we’re talking about on a daily basis? Wendy is at a facility doing her best to be her best,’ her manager, Will Selby, told ET in a statement.

‘She’s taking it day by day.’

Selby’s comments come a day after the former ‘Wendy Williams Show’ host’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., shared his concerns for his mother’s declining health.

Kelvin Hunter Jr, 22, said that Williams’ body does not process liquor at the same ‘rate’ that a ‘normal’ person’s body would.

‘We’ve spoken about it. I’ve said, ‘This is one thing where you don’t know how to approach it normally, and that’s fine,’ and it’s gotten to a point where, yes, it could have that effect that it might be fatal because it affects her way worse than a normal person since it stays in her system,’ he explained.

Not only is Hunter Jr. concerned about his mom’s health, he’s also worried about the intentions of the people around her — which includes Selby as she remains under a court-ordered guardianship.

He believes people around his mom are taking advantage of her.

‘What’s been made more important by the people around her is that while her health may not be great, she needs to keep on earning income, and in my opinion that should not be a priority at all,’ he told the outlet.

‘And whoever has been hired, they are taking advantage of someone who needs to get better.’

Hunter Jr. says people around Wendy made her sign contracts while she was in rehab last year.

‘I feel that when it comes to people wanting to ‘help’ her, a lot of it is coming from a stance of, ‘OK, she’s alone now.

‘Let’s try to see how we can make her act the way we want her to act or if we can kind of control the rate at which she’s handling herself,’ he told the US Sun.

Her manager, Selby refuted Hunter Jr.’s claims, telling ET, ‘Taking advantage of her for what? To get what? To do what? I’m not here to brag, but I was doing just OK before Wendy came along and I insisted on helping her because she requested my assistance.’

Selby said that since the ‘Ask Wendy’ author is under guardianship, ‘everything that she does gets approved’ by that guardianship.

‘So, no one, even if they wanted to take advantage of her — everything has to get approved by that court,’ he said.

‘So, any type of business dealings that we do, Wendy, myself and anyone — we have to get the guardianship to sign off on it. So how can anyone take advantage of her?’

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