Woman ‘tried to hire hitman to kill new wife of man she met on dating website’


A jealous woman allegedly hired a hitman to kill the new wife of a man she just met on internet dating site Match.com – and complained when ‘the job wasn’t complete’.

Melody Sasser, 47, from Tennessee, US, was arrested on May 18 after she allegedly tracked her love rival Jennifer Wallace using a fitness app and is accused of sending $10,000 in bitcoin to a site named ‘Online Killers Market’ in exchange for her murder.

The suspect, who works for the US Department of Energy, met David Wallace on Match.com and the pair had become hiking friends.

But when he revealed he was moving to another state with the woman he had planned to marry, she allegedly turned to the dark web, according to the complaint.

Under the pseudonym, ‘cattree’, Ms Sasser allegedly posted her hitman demands on the website in January and reportedly wrote: ‘It needs to seem random or accident. Or plant drugs, do not want a long investigation’.

She even turned up to the home of the couple unannounced in Alabama in late 2022, according to the complaint.

Authorities said she allegedly said to the pair ‘I hope you both fall and die’ after learning of their plans to get married.

The soon-to-be-wife of the man told police her car had been ‘gashed’ by an unknown individual – and also started to receive threatening calls from strange numbers. Mirror reports.

She is accused of providing information which matched Mrs Wallace details such as her workplace, her address, and the type of car she drove.

In addition, Ms Sasser allegedly passed details of where the victim’s whereabouts after she found information from the fitness tracking app Strava, which connects to Garmin fitness watches and shares location data.

She allegedly wrote on the murder-for-hire website on March: ‘Yesterday she worked from home and went for a two mile walk by herself.’

However, by late March as her alleged target remained alive, Ms Sasser grew impatient, according to authorities, and messaged the administrator of the website to check on the status of her murder request.

‘I have waited for two months and 11 days and the job is not completed. The work is still not completed. Does it need to be assigned to someone else. Will it be done. What is the delay, when will it be done,’ she allegedly wrote.

Ms Sasser was arrested on probable cause that she allegedly attempted to hire a hitman to commit murder on May 18.

She is due to appear in federal court on Thursday. If convicted, the suspect could face up to 10 years in prison.

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