I Lie To My Daughter To Make Easier – Now She Goes To Bed On Time And Brushes Her Teeth Twice Daily

I Lie To My Daughter To Make Easier – Now She Goes To Bed On Time And Brushes Her Teeth Twice Daily

A mum has revealed all the casual lies she tells her daughter to get through everyday tasks – and she’s not alone.

Tatum, from Texas, is the mum of a stubborn toddler who previously refused to cut her fingernails, go to bed on time, or brush her teeth twice a day.

It was difficult for Tatum to get her daughter to listen to her – but then she started coming up with wild stories about the consequences of the child’s disobedience.

The mum told her daughter that she would ‘turn into a bald eagle and take flight’ if she didn’t clip her nails, would have trolls move into her mouth if she didn’t brush her teeth, along with several other white lies to make the day ‘easier’.

‘They’re not big lies, they’re little white lies that help me get through everyday tasks because my daughter makes everything really hard,’ the mum said.

In a now-viral video, Tatum revealed the dissonance between her ideal parenting style and reality.

‘Do you want to know something super embarrassing?’ she asked her audience. Before I had a kid, I was one of those people who thought I could never lie to my baby. I thought it was bad parenting. But now, I lie to my daughter every day – multiple times a day if I need to.’

The mum then revealed some of the ‘hilarious’ stories she concocted. 

‘I told her if she doesn’t let me cut her fingernails, she’s going to turn into a bald eagle and take flight – she doesn’t want that, so she lets me cut her nails.’

She added, ‘I told her if she doesn’t brush her teeth twice a day, she’s going to get trolls in her mouth. She’s brushing her teeth twice a day now! And if she doesn’t go to sleep at night, the night-time monsters are going to sneak into her room and lick her toes – and now she goes to sleep at 9:30.’

The mum argued that she was lying ‘for’ her child’s benefit. 

‘I don’t know if this causes long-term damage, but I’m willing to pay for therapy,’ she said. ‘Sometimes, you have to lie to your kids. It’s not your fault they’re gullible and believe it.’ 

Tatum went on to say kids would ‘probably find [the lies] funny’ when they grow up.

‘Parenting is hard,’ she added.

Hundreds of other parents revealed the ‘white lies’ they told their children. 

‘I told my son that if he undid his seatbelt, the police would be automatically notified and we’d both be arrested,’ a mum said.

‘My kid thinks it’s illegal to not hold hands in a parking lot,’ another wrote. ‘He has yelled at other children about jail time.’

‘I told my redhead daughter that carrots keep her hair red, and she loves carrots now!’ a third revealed.

Some adults shared the lies they believed growing up. 

‘My dad told me the car didn’t start unless my seat belt was on. I believed him until I was 16!’ a man said.

Another added, ‘My dad told us the toy monster steals toys left on the floor. He went as far as to hide them if we left them out.’

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