Prince William Shocks Customers As He Serves Up Burgers

Prince William Shocks Customers As He Serves Up Burgers

The Prince of Wales left unsuspecting members of the public awestruck as he served up burgers at Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey, London.

But these were not just any burgers… Prince William and the Earthshot Prize have teamed up with YouTube channel, Sorted Food, to create the first-ever Earthshot Burger, to spotlight the incredible work of three of the most recent winners of the Prize.

After joining the Sorted Food founders in the kitchen, William rolled up his sleeves to hand out the newly-created burger to members of the YouTube channel’s community.

The 2022 Prize Winners put to the test by the Sorted Food team to create the Earthshot Burger were Notpla, Mukura Clean Stoves and Kheyti’s Greenhouse-in-a-box.

The burger was cooked by the Sorted Food Chefs on a Mukura Clean Stove, which use biomass for fuel instead of charcoal, and it was served in seaweed-lined takeaway boxes created by Notpla. 

Finally, Indian start-up Kheyti has developed a Greenhouse-in-a-box to support small-hold farmers and shelter their crops from unpredictable elements and destructive pests. Plants that are frequently grown in a Kheyti greenhouse, including the vegetables used to make The Earthshot Burger, require 98% less water and yield seven times more crops.

Prince William in the Sorted Food studio

Prince William in the Sorted Food studio

Jamie Spafford, Sorted Food Co-Founder, said: “Working with The Earthshot Prize is a dream come true as it means we can use our platform to help shine a light on the people doing amazing things to help make a positive impact on our world.

“The Sorted Food mission is to bring joy to people through food and make a true difference to the world around us, and we know our community will be inspired to see and support the incredible work that The Earthshot Prize is doing to help people and the environment.”

“Being joined at our studio and in the food truck by Prince William was a real ‘pinch me’ moment – hearing him explain how passionate he is about helping the planet and what The Earthshot Prize is doing was incredibly inspiring, and has already given us a lot of ideas for future projects to work on with our community.”

The recipe for the Earthshot Burger is available on Sorted Food’s Sidekick Recipe App.

The Prince’s Earthshot Prize aims to discover and scale-up groundbreaking solutions to repair the planet and £1 million in prize money will be presented to the winners in five categories, or Earthshots – Protect and restore nature; Clean our air; Revive our oceans; Build a waste-free world; and Fix our climate.

Singapore will host the third awards ceremony in November after prize-giving events were staged in Boston last year and London’s Alexandra Palace in 2021.

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