Russian Ammunition Depot Explodes Triggering ‘Apocalyptic’ Mushroom Cloud After ‘Ukrainian Aerial Strike’ In Crimea

Russian Ammunition Depot Explodes Triggering 'Apocalyptic' Mushroom Cloud After 'Ukrainian Aerial Strike' In Crimea

A large Russian ammunition depot has exploded, triggering an ‘apocalyptic’ mushroom cloud following suspected Ukrainian attacks early this morning.

Massive fireballs and clouds of smoke erupted at the site in the eastern part of the annexed Crimean Peninsula. The incessant explosions could be heard at least 13 miles away.

Many people were killed and injured at the military training ground, the epicenter of the explosions, Ukraine’s Crimean Wind channel reported, but was quickly denied by Moscow-appointed Crimea chief Sergey Aksyonov.

Unconfirmed local reports suggested up to three air strikes on a ‘warehouse’ in the military exercise zone, after which the explosions and flames spread.

The attack may have been carried out by UK-supplied Storm Shadow missiles, The Moscow Times suggested.

Many people were killed and injured at the military training ground, the epicenter of the explosions, the Ukrainian channel Crimean Wind reported.

The main Tavrida highway – which connects to the Crimean Bridge hit by Ukrainian marine drones on Monday – was closed by the occupying Russian army.

About 2,250 people from four settlements near the Starokrymsky military training area were evacuated. The villages were named Krynichki, Aivazovskoye, Abrikosovka and Privetnoye.

Spectacular explosions lasted for more than four hours after they started around 4:30 am in the Kirovsky district. Thick clouds of smoke rose into the sky.

“It’s a scene from the apocalypse,” said a passing driver.

The Russian authorities that control Crimea did not comment on the cause of the inferno.

Aksyonov said: “The causes of the fire at the training ground in Kirovsky district will be determined by the investigative authorities.

“There were no casualties,” he tried to claim. “The evacuees are getting assistance.

‘People in temporary shelters get everything they need.

‘The liquidation of the consequences [of the explosions] will be carried out as soon as possible…Keep calm and only trust official sources of information.”

The explosions came as Russia launched a blistering attack on Odessa for the second consecutive night.

A video showed a launch of an Onyx missile – with a range of up to 500 miles – from Cossack Bay in Sevastopol. According to reports, about ten missiles were launched.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that the country was attacked at night by 6 Kalibr cruise missiles and 35 drones. The capital Kyiv was also a target of the Russians.

Footage a day earlier showed Russia’s devastating cruise missile attacks on Odessa for the second consecutive night.

The blitz on the city was seen as ‘revenge’ for Ukraine humiliating Putin by hitting his £3 billion Crimean bridge with kamikaze maritime drones on Monday.

The video shows the massive explosions as Kh-22 and Onyx missiles hit the port. Drones were also used in the attack.

Reports suggest that Moscow has destroyed warehouses used to supply grain to the world’s most needy countries.

Putin has blocked the renewal of an agreement between the warring states that would allow exports to travel across the Black Sea to the world.

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