Couple Left Distraught After Karen RUINS Proposal

Couple Left Distraught After Karen RUINS Proposal

A young couple is devastated after a ‘Karen’ ruined their dream proposal by rearranging their romantic situation and hanging around them as they got engaged.

Zenicca Llanza, 24, from the Philippines, shared a video of her boyfriend getting down on one knee on the beach.

While her husband-to-be had arranged everything for the perfect moment, another beachgoer decided to step in and rearrange the setup, before interrupting the moment.

In a video shared on TikTokZenicca and her partner are walking along the beach. Then she sees a tent on the beach, with a table, a white tablecloth, and dozens of pillows. On the table is a cake with the text ‘Will you marry me?’ while in the background there is a sign with the same words on it.

Zenicca’s friend then gets down on one knee to propose. But while Zenicca was listening to his speech, the unnamed woman entered the picture.

She then moves the board before walking over to the couple to view the ring – before Zenicca even had a chance to wear it.

“How to quickly ruin a proposal,” Zenicca wrote on TikTok.

‘Keep in mind the unique event of others! You never know you already screwed up,” she wrote. ‘But I don’t want this any other way! I will do this all over again,” added another.

Many people were equally outraged on Zenicca’s behalf.

“You could excuse the first few seconds with good intentions, but otherwise I feel like we just have really bad manners and zero self-awareness,” said one.

“Lmao, she was getting closer and closer, but I also thought you were a random couple and he decided to use the setup.”

“This made me physically ill. I’m so sorry omg,” added a third.

“Ah, I could see she had good intentions but was ignorant at the time she was ruining something you all would cherish forever,” a fourth commented. “Tell her it’s a personal moment. Sometimes people don’t understand boundaries.’

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