Did Meghan Markle Attend Serena Williams’ Lavish Baby Shower

Did Meghan Markle Attend Serena Williams' Lavish Baby Shower

Meghan Markle has been close friends with tennis pro-Serena Williams since meeting her in 2010, and so many people will be wondering if the Duchess of Sussex made an appearance at the Grand Slam champion’s baby shower that took place over the weekend?

Serena shared an incredible teaser video with her 16.8 million Instagram followers, followed by dropping the full video of the day on her YouTube channel. 

The videographer panned the party when guests were mingling, and there was no sign of the royal pal, however, given her status she could have requested to stay out of any of the public footage. 

Serena was in fact in charge of some of the planning for Meghan’s baby shower when the Duchess was expecting Archie, which was held at the Mark Hotel, located in Manhattan. Speaking to Business of Fashion, Serena shared: “Planning something like that takes a lot of effort. I’m a perfectionist, so I’m like, ‘Let’s make it perfect.'”

What was Serena’s baby shower like?

Serena chose to have her own baby shower at an event space, complete with a balloon-filled marquee, appropriately positioned next to a tennis court and a water park set-up for the kids. 

Food vans lined the perimeter and there were waiters on hand serving drinks. As night fell, it was time for what everyone was waiting for – the big reveal! 

The couple had an impressive cake

After a prank reveal, where Serena cut a cake filled with yellow sponge, the guests looked up to the sky for a show-stopping drone reveal, which showcased that they are having a baby girl! 

Serena’s adorable daughter Olympia could be heard screaming: “I’m so happy,” when the news broke. Serena also admitted she was hoping for a little girl. 

Alexis and his daughter Olympia

Back in May, when appearing on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace on CNN, Serena’s husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis, shared his take on the baby, expressing his feeling that once again, he would become a girl dad.

He told Chris: “I’m convinced I’m gonna be a girl dad,” jokingly adding: “So even if we have, you know, 50 more kids, they’re all going to be girls.”

The star is happy to be having another girl

Fans adored the news too, taking to the comments section of the video to share the love. “She’s re-creating little Serena and Venus. Love it for her. Their legacy continues. Congrats to the entire family,” penned one, and: “That was so sweet!!! Congratulations Olympia, you’re going to have a little sister!!” added another. 

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