Elon Musk To PAY X Users’ Legal Bills

Elon Musk To PAY X Users' Legal Bills

Elon Musk has just made a pretty significant claim, stating that the X platform, formerly known as Twitter would fund any legal bill of users who have been unfairly treated by employers due to posts or likes on the platform.

Musk wrote “If you were unfairly treated by your employer due to posting or liking something on this platform, we will fund your legal bill. No limit. Please let us know.”

In a follow-up post, he expressed that he wouldn’t just be suing but that he would take “loud” legal action against entire boards.

Since publishing, the post has received over 100 million views and 25,000 quote reposts, many of which are memes or users baffled by the offer, with some being users who are looking for help with their legal cases.

One such case, which Musk has already seemingly taken an interest in, is that of Kara Lynne, who was reported to have been fired by her employers for following the account Libs of TikTok on the X app.

While some users have called the gesture kind or praised Musk for being a champion of free speech, others in the comments expressed skepticism as to whether he would follow through with the grand claim or not — which only time will tell.

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