Gas station customer calmly SHOOTS robber while holding a six-pack of Miller Lite beer

  • A hero customer stopped a man robbing a Michigan minimart by shooting the suspect – while carrying a six-pack of Miller Lite beer

The shot

The incident occurred on July 27 when suspect Cordelius Anthony Martin, 35, armed himself with a boxcutter and tried to rob Stone Lake Marathon’s cash registry.

The unnamed customer, who had a valid concealed carry permit, promptly took out his handgun and fired seven shots at the suspect.

The customer then held the man at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived. It is not yet clear whether he will face criminal charges for the intervention.

Martin, entered the store announcing ‘you know why I’m here’ before pulling a mask over his face.

He threatened the store clerk with the box cutter, cops said.

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The customer told law enforcement he could not see what the robber was holding but saw the fear on the clerk’s face, Wood TV reported.

The man fired the shots, one hitting a liquor bottle with others catching the robber in the arm, back and face.

Still won’t give up?

The customer told police the suspect fell to the floor but was crawling toward him.

He therefore ran to his car to get another loaded magazine and held the suspect at gun point until officers arrived.


The suspect was released from hospital on Wednesday and arraigned on three charges, including armed robbery.

He is being held on a $100,000 bond. Because he’s a three-time felon, he could face up to life in prison.

Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz said he is waiting for police to finish the investigation before deciding whether to file criminal charges against the customer.

‘In Michigan, obviously, we do have defense of others as part of the law in Michigan, that you can defend others if they’re in a situation that there’s dangerous force being used against them,’ he said.

‘And certainly in this case, we’ll be looking at the facts in regard to that.’

The victim of the robbery, who did not want to disclose their name, told Target 8 the shopper ‘saved my life’.

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