The Moment Chaotic Fight Breaks Out At Jewelry Exchange As On Brawler Loses His Pants

The Moment Chaotic Fight Breaks Out At Jewelry Exchange As On Brawler Loses His Pants

A group of beefy brawlers appeared to throw down inside a massive jewelry marketplace in Midtown Manhattan’s Diamond District, with one heavy hitter’s pants falling down — twice — during the shocking scuffle.

Several husky men began slugging it out inside the World’s Largest Jewelry Exchange at 55 West 47th St. Monday with one fighter’s pants ending up around his ankles when one video of the fight cuts in.

The man quickly pulled up his slacks as the others continued to go after each other, the footage shows.

One woman appeared to also get hit during part of the fight, which led to a momentary break in the action before the men began throwing haymakers again as the fracas moved across the establishment.

The man who had lost his pants then almost lost them again when they nearly fell under his butt before he quickly tugged them up, footage shows.

“I guess what happened was his pants were a little loose on him, I guess when he got pushed his pants came down,” witness, Aaron, owner of exchange-based Jewels of NYC, told The Post Tuesday.

“I feel bad now that I think about it, but it was funny while we saw it.”

One man also had his shirt off, though it’s unclear why.

Several men were seen swinging at each other as a separate fight went on between two men, according to footage from another video posted on social media.

“Side note: watch till the end & I do not promote violence this is all for a tv show,” but the man who put the video up told The Post his TV reference was only a joke and the wild moment was a real fight.

“Super wild,” the poster and owner of Leon Diamonds, who goes by Richie Rich, said. “Some excitement for the Diamond District, it’s not an everyday thing you see.”  

Leon Diamonds is across the street, but some of Rich’s relatives have booths at the exchange. He said he just happened to be there on Monday afternoon when the fight got underway and took his phone out.

Aaron said it was a normal day in the bustling area when he started hearing “screaming out of nowhere.”

“And we look up and we see a bunch of people just going at it,” he told The Post, adding the brawlers seemed to know each other and appeared to have a simmering beef with each other.

He said the chaotic group fought it out for a few minutes before NYPD cops and security broke it up.

“The whole world froze and everybody was watching,” Aaron said.

No vendors or jewelers were injured, said Aaron, who credited the NYPD and exchange security for stopping the madness.

The NYPD said it had no complaint report regarding the incident, but Rich doesn’t believe anyone was arrested following the melee.

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