Charles Spencer Shares Rarely-Seen Area Of Princess Diana’s Former Home

Charles Spencer Shares Rarely-Seen Area Of Princess Diana's Former Home

Taking to his Instagram account, the ninth Earl Spencer showed a glimpse of the stable block which sits to the left-hand side of the lavish Althorp House. The building looked so dazzling covered in sun-beams as Charles panned the camera across the area. 

Captioning the clip on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, he penned: “Autumn Equinox – and the bells of the Stables ringing in this gorgeous day.”

Despite the change in season, the sky was clear and a beautiful shade of blue. The update sparked a slew of comments from friends and fans who couldn’t wait to weigh in. 

Althorp House is Princess Diana’s former childhood home

“So peaceful what a wonderful place to live,” one person penned. A second added: “Good morning & thank you so much with Quercus, and the bells of the Stables ringing in this gorgeous day.”

A third added: “A slow TV programme walking around the grounds would be lovely. Calling BBC4!!” The late Princess Diana moved into the property when she was 14, along with her family. Four years later when she was 18, she moved to Earl’s Court in West London where her mother had bought her a flat.

The burial site of the late Princess Diana

Following her divorce from the then Prince Charles, Diana wanted to move back to Althorp but her brother didn’t allow it. Her body is buried in the grounds of the vast estate, which has been previously described by the Earl as “An oasis of calm.”

Diana’s gravesite is located in the middle of the Round Oval Lake and is never accessible to the public even when the house is open for viewing. However, should members of the public wish to pay their respects, they are able to access the special temple, where they can bring flowers, cards, and tributes to the late Princess.

Last year, Charles revealed that the memorial area wasn’t originally constructed for his late sister, but rather, for their ancestor George John Spencer. He was in charge of the Royal Navy in the early part of the Napoleonic Wars. 

Captioning a photo of the temple on Instagram, he explained: “Beautiful autumn colours in the grounds of @althorphouse today. This temple, now dedicated to my late sister’s memory, was originally commissioned by our ancestor George John Spencer. He was in charge of the Royal Navy in the early part of the Napoleonic Wars.

“In 1798 initial reports from Egypt said the British fleet had been destroyed in a crucial battle by the French. George John fainted with shock. When the true version of the Battle of the Nile followed, outlining what was an astonishing victory by Nelson over the French, George John had this structure built – in thanks to God. It overlooks the Round Oval Lake at Althorp and has become the place where kind visitors like to leave flowers in memory of Diana.”

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