Danny Cipriani’s wife SENT him to Priory after he cracked his skull


Danny Cipriani has revealed that he spent time at The Priory after being rushed to hospital when he smashed his head open on a step.

The sports star, 35, has made a number of explosive confessions in his new autobiography, Who Am I?, about his history with booze and drugs.

In further extracts obtained by The Sun, he revealed that his wife Victoria Rose, 42, sent him to a rehab and mental health hospital after he cracked his own skull.

Danny explained that he had overdone it taking magic mushrooms and became convinced Victoria was trying to kill him back in 2020.

He recalled: ‘I’m standing at the top of some stone stairs in the garden, thinking, “The only way to escape this terrible experience is to let go”. So, I put my arms out, lean back, topple over and smash my head on the edge of a step.

‘Victoria hears my skull crack and reckons she can hear gas coming out. She’s crying hysterically because she thinks I’m dead.’

He said that she called an ambulance to rush him to the hospital but he remained convinced there was a ‘big conspiracy’ to hurt him, involving his wife and all the nurses.

Danny said: ‘I’m losing a lot of blood but I won’t let any of them touch me. I still think Victoria is trying to kill me, but she’s the only person I want close.’

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He explained that after his discharge, Victoria put him into the Priory for a week, where he lost lots of weight after barely eating.

He added: ‘When I go for a walk in the garden, the flowers and the birds don’t seem real. When I finally come out of this trip I realise that fear was driving it.

‘The fear of not being loved, the fear of not being enough. That told me there was still plenty of buried trauma that needed unearthing and sifting through.’

It comes after Danny revealed how he nearly died after being hit by a bus and believes his late actions saved him from being involved in a fatal accident on a night out.

He explained how he has struggled with alcohol and drugs in the past and believes he was lucky to escape with his life after the incident.

Writing in his memoir, he described the harrowing encounter: ‘What’s the worst that could happen? We’ve almost made it to the last pub of the crawl and I’m slightly over-excited. I sneak up behind one of the boys, whack him on the back of the head and he starts chasing me.

‘I’m running along, checking over my shoulder, and when I reach a bus stop, I look to my right, see a bus coming, assume it’s stopping and make a dash for it. BOOM!

‘If I hadn’t instinctively jumped at the last second and smashed into the bus window, instead of the grille, I’d have been wiped out. Legs crushed, maybe killed.

‘As it is, I’m flat on my back on a stretcher, surrounded by paramedics. As well as being concussed, I’ve torn the medial collateral ligament in my knee,’ he added.

‘Not too bad, the season’s over anyway. When I get out of hospital, I can’t resist tweeting, ‘Heavy night. Feel like I’ve been hit by a bus…

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