Hours After Writing About ”Ending It All”, DJ Kaywise Releases Video To Clear His Fiancée Of All Allegations Levelled Against Her By Members Of His Family

Hours After Writing About ''Ending It All'', DJ Kaywise Releases Video To Clear His Fiancée Of All Allegations Levelled Against Her By Members Of His Family

Dj Kaywise has released a video in which he defended his fiancée, Nelly, following allegations levelled against her by members of his family. 

This is coming hours after he shared a post about “ending it all.” 

Recall that Nelly and Kaywise’s family members had a social media clash some months ago where Nelly alleged that his twin brother, Taiye and some of Kaywise’s staff who he fired sometime back, attempted to kidnap her.

She shared CCTV footage on social media showing some men parked outside her apartment. 

In the statement she released, she said some persons had accused her of bewitching Kaywise and that he had even slapped his mum. She said she was startled to find out Kaywise’s twin brother was involved in the messy publication and that she and Kaywise waited patiently for his family to debunk the rumour but they chose to remain silent.

In the video he shared on his Instagram page today September 13, Kaywise lamented about his family members’ silence when the messy story of him slapping his mum went viral.

He said eight months after the story was reported, not one member of his family including the person who he was accused of slapping, came forward to correct the false narrative. 

“Ideally, I was expecting them to say the truth as children of God and as a Christian family, but that never happened. If not for this recent Nenny’s case, I am pretty sure they would have kept quiet. During the course of this Nenny’s case, I was invited by the police as a witness to the issue.

“That was when the police heard the whole story and they were shocked and that was when they mandated my family to go out and say the truth. Hence that is why you are just seeing a video of my mother trying to clear the air after eight months”

Speaking further, he said; ‘’In 2021, I had fired everyone in the CCTV footage Nenny put out, including my twin brother, for the horrible things that they did. I even reported the matter to my parents.

“Instead of them cautioning him and his association with those people, they supported all of them and asked me Kaywise to leave. I cut ties. So, I see no reason why they will go to my babe’s house uninvited. If you knew how I was raised, you go dey wonder why I dey even dey show love sef? But that doesn’t mean that I am a fool. It just means that I am a better person.

“If my family comes out and says I am lying, then I will have no choice than to drop the voice recording from that day and also other receipts that will shock you all.”

He went on to say that he must speak the truth at all times as he is a child of God. He said that his family members cannot attempt to settle with him and in the process taint the image of his woman.

“If they now need me after three years and are regretting their decision of cutting ties, is creating all these lies the best way to go about it? Accusing and blaming an innocent girl. Girl, they have met and dined with, of bewitching and kidnaping a grown man like me. Like who does that?

“Fast forward to 2023, you can see that my family are still associating with the same people I fired three years ago. As sensitive as this is, I am not one to encourage bad things, I will only speak the truth because I am a child of God.

“You cannot want to settle with your own child at the detriment of another person’s reputation because that is someone else’s child we are talking about. I believe they could have done better.”

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