Lady Amelia And Eliza Spencer Give Us Their Jewellery Shopping List – And It’s Perfect For Party Season

Lady Amelia And Eliza Spencer Give Us Their Jewellery Shopping List - And It’s Perfect For Party Season

Aside from being rather pretty, diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance known. Composed of pure carbon molecules, tightly bonded together, they are as unbreakable as family ties and much harder to dismantle. (Try cutting a diamond in half… we’ll wait.) 

Which would explain why Boodles, British purveyors of quality stones and family run since 1798 are rather enamoured by the concept of familial relations.

“The family bond is the strongest: it creates a culture of care and trust that allows our designers to take bolder leaps; our gem buyers to make braver choices; and our sales team to go the extra mile – often literally,” the brand explains, “And of course, Boodles jewellery is made to last for generations; each piece treasured by its first owner, but gaining emotional value and meaning as it’s passed down.”

Now in its sixth generation, the brand which previously featured Amber Le Bon and her OG supermodel mother Yasmin Le Bon as the faces of their heritage brand are now turning their attention to twins. Lady Amelia and Lady Eliza Spencer are as renowned for their famous family (Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana – the list goes on) as they are for their nearly-identical aristocratic features.

The announcement that the pair are the new faces of Boodles makes perfect sense considering that this year their Managing Director’s son, Geordie, started with the company – joining his twin sister, Honour who already works there, “In honour of twins (so to speak), we’ve welcomed two sparkling sisters to represent the brand today.”

Lady Eliza and Amelia Spencer are the new faces of Boodles

“There’s nothing we can’t get through as long as we have each other… we are each other’s other halves,” explains Amelia, “We have the exact same taste in clothing, and will arrive at a dinner or meet up in the day dressed to match. When choosing outfits for an event, we’ve found the only way to do this fairly is to take it in turns who gets to choose first.”  Eliza adds, “I really connect with the family values that Boodles embodies,” adds Eliza. “Family is all about unconditional love, and that’s something we’re excited to celebrate. Boodles pieces speak to that bond, and the idea of creating stories and passing down cherished values.” To channel Lady Amelia and Eliza timeless elegance, read on to discover the jewellery they are loving at the moment.

The Luxe Necklace

“I love the Fern design necklace set from The Secret Garden collection,” says Eliza. “I wore it to the National Gallery’s summer party, and so many people complimented me on it.” 

Secret Garden Fern Emerald Yellow Gold Necklace – Boodles

The Fern design necklace is set with cushion cut emeralds and diamonds in 18 carat SMO yellow gold. The total weight of the main 25 cushion cut Colombian emeralds is 15.36 carats and 31 brilliant cut diamonds is 3.22 carats. The total weight of the 26 brilliant cut Colombian emeralds is 2.03 carats and additional brilliant cut diamonds is 5.75 carats.


Earrings For A Rainy Day

“I love Raindance,” says Amelia. “Just iconic. Classic and original at the same time. And having spent some of summer in London – I now fully understand its inspiration!” 

Raindance Classic Cluster Platinum Stud Earrings – Boodles

Reminiscent of sprinkled raindrops glistening in the sun, these versatile stud earrings from Boodles Raindance collection are a modern classic. The earrings are in platinum and the total diamond weight is approximately 0.73 carats.


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