Lady Asks Her Gay Brother To Forfeit His $1 M Inheritance Given By Their Parents So She Can Take Care Of Her Children

Lady Asks Her Gay Brother To Forfeit His $1 M Inheritance Given By Their Parents So She Can Take Care Of Her Children

A man has revealed how the will left by his parents is now the source of his family’s ‘’destruction.” The man says his parents split the inheritance equally between two siblings– almost $ 1 million (approximately £794,407).

The man says he is gay and lives with his partner to whom he isn’t married. On the other hand, his sister is married and has three kids – but this has led her to believe she’s entitled to more than her fair share of the will.

‘Our parents were very clear in their will that our inheritance and all property are split evenly between the two of us. It’s to the tune of around $1 million’, the brother shared in a Reddit post.

‘Here’s where the problems start. I’m gay, and I live with my partner who I’m not married to across the country from the rest of my family.

‘My sister and her husband have 3 small kids under 11. My sister said that since it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever have kids and because I live a comfortable life, I should take at least a quarter of my inheritance money and open bank accounts for her kids.

‘Instead of using her own money to do that, she wants to buy a McMansion to get out of their smaller cramped house. Implying that she and her family need the money more than I do since they’re married with kids and I’m not.

‘She thinks my parents were unfair when they created the will and that I should “do the right thing” to make up for their mistake.

‘I’m worried that eventually she’ll cut me off and won’t let me have a relationship with the kids anymore. Part of me thinks maybe they do need the money more than me.’ he added.

The man says his brother-in-law is taking his wife’s side and believes he is being ‘greedy’ and uncaring for his niece and nephews’ future.

He said his aunts, uncles, and cousins all have differing opinions, but some from the ‘more homophobic side’ of the family are slamming him as a ‘greedy a**hole.’

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