TikTok Star And Teacher Arrested For ‘Having S3x With A Minor He Infected With STDS’ While Working At Private Christian Schools In Bangkok

TikTok Star And Teacher Arrested For 'Having S3x With A Minor He Infected With STDS' While Working At Private Christian Schools In Bangkok

A TikTok star who is a teacher has been arrested for allegedly having s3x with a minor and infecting her with STDs while teaching English at private Christian schools in Bangkok.

Luke Rockwell,29, from Florida, reportedly contacted a 16-year-old schoolgirl on social media before allegedly having s3x with her ‘on multiple occasions’ while recording it and telling her to ‘keep it a secret’.

Last month the young girl fell ill with abdominal pains caused by chlamydia and gonorrhea passed onto her by Rockwell, who uses the name Teacher Luke for his TikToks, according to the girl’s mother.

Her worried mother rushed her to the hospital before uncovering the alleged s3x.

The horrified mother filed a police report on August 29 and Rockwell was arrested yesterday at his luxury apartment for ‘s3x with a minor’ and ‘recording the acts’.

Speaking today, the shaken mother said: ‘My daughter had been messaging Teacher Luke for months using my phone. She deleted the messages after they chatted.

‘They met and had s3x without me knowing, and then my daughter caught gonorrhea and chlamydia from him.

‘I knew something was wrong when my daughter looked very sick. She looked pale and she was clutching her tummy complaining about the pain in that area. I kept on asking her questions until she told me about this man called Teacher Luke.

‘My daughter said the first time they had s3x, Teacher Luke used protection but after he did not use any. She trusted him. Teacher Luke told her to keep everything a secret until she turned 18. He told my daughter that he loved her and would let her come live with him when she was no longer a minor.

‘My daughter messaged him the STD test result where she had tested positive for gonorrhea. He promised that he would take responsibility for the costs. I’m not complaining to the police because I want money or compensation. I don’t care about the money.

‘I want every woman and child to know how evil Teacher Luke is. It’s embarrassing for me to tell people about what’s happening to my family but I hope it prevents Teacher Luke from ever taking advantage of any girl in the future.’

Rockwell is from Melbourne, Florida. He graduated from the University of Central Florida. He previously worked at the prestigious Wall Street English College in Bangkok, where he taught locals.

He has previously worked at the Bangkok Christian College (BCC) and Thai Christian School, giving short English lessons.

Over a few years, his TikTok has gained more than two million followers, many being young girls.

The alleged victim, who attended a school that Rockwell had previously taught at, is said to have exchanged messages with the teacher over another one of his social media accounts on Instagram.

Her mother said that her daughter was a ‘vulnerable and troubled’ teenager who had been adopted when she was three and had ‘hardly any friends’.

She added: ‘My daughter can hardly speak Thai and she has very few local friends. She is troubled and she believes that Luke loves her. We have been home-schooling her because of all the difficulties she has had.’

Police at the Khlong Tan district station received the report on August 29. An arrest warrant for Rockwell was later approved by the city’s criminal court.

According to the complaint, Rockwell is accused of ‘depriving a minor over fifteen years but not over eighteen years of age for indecency’. The age of consent in Thailand is 15 but anyone under 18 is still considered a minor.

It continues: ‘The alleged victim’s mother came to see the investigator informing him that her daughter had pain in the abdomen.

‘When she questioned her daughter, she found that in early February she had been in contact with the suspect over Instagram. They talked often before meeting in a shopping mall and then he took her to his condo where they had s3x. The couple had been in constant contact afterward.’

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