Prince William And Kate Middleton Know What They Want From Royal Life

Prince William And Kate Middleton Know What They Want From Royal Life

Prince William and Kate Middleton are clear about their trajectory, as sources claim the Prince and Princess of Wales know what their life will look like while raising a family within Buckingham Palace.

A source said the couple “knows what they want,” and the couple is aware that they are “the future of the monarchy.”

William and Kate are ushering in a new era for the House of Wales, and William is spending time with his dad, King Charles, to prepare for his role as king.

“There’s a lot for him to get his head around, and although he and his father worked closely together, there will have been a lot of listening and discussing,” a source shared.

“He has this unwavering commitment to duty and service. He takes the role extremely seriously and is incredibly focused on working hard but also supporting his father as King,” they added.

Insiders later revealed that William hopes to become a world leader, but Gen-Z might not be fond of the idea.

“Young people might not be so keen on the royals, but as they get older, they sometimes change their minds and Kate will be a massive influence, not just as a mother, but as a wife, fashion and social influencer in the age of TikTok,” Phil Dampier told an outlet. “We will see much more of them and a lot rests on their shoulders now that Harry and Meghan have left.”

As William looks forward to his upcoming trip to Boston, Massachusetts, fans will see a different side of the royal.

“He’s not distracted by polling — his focus is always on getting on with the job and focusing on his work,” an anonymous aide shared.

“This trip is part of his evolution as a global statesman which is incredibly important, especially since becoming Prince of Wales,” the employee explained. “He and his courtiers have been thinking about how to manage that transition from Duke of Cambridge to the next king.”

“You’ve seen a number of iterations of that, whether that’s meeting with Joe Biden in Boston or traveling to the border with Ukraine and talking about the importance of fighting for our freedoms,” the insider added.

William will be in America for his Earthshot Prize, and he’s hopeful that his time there could further establish the initiative.

“The U.S. is very important to him. The world’s climate movers and shakers will be in New York having conversations about the future of the planet and the prince is keen to be part of those conversations and put Earthshot front and center,” the source shared.

“He has huge ambitions for what the prize can become and is extremely focused on its legacy and impact,” they added.

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