Shocking footage CAPTURES the moment hotel guest is racially abused and chased into elevator


Shocking footage has been captured when a woman staying in a hotel was told to ‘go back to Africa, where you come from.’

Pee Zed, 40, from Leicester, UK, was assaulted by a man in Birmingham after she intervened in a fight outside a hotel.

She was then berated by the topless guest in the lobby while staying at the Hampton by Hilton hotel on Broad Street.

Mrs. Zed had begun to take up the fight for her before the man turned on her and started shouting abuse.

At the hotel, he called her ‘a fat bastard’ and told her to ‘fuck off,’ while his companion tried to disperse the argument.

Pee Zed was assaulted by a guest while staying at the Hampton by Hilton hotel in Birmingham.

The topless guest was caught on video repeatedly hurling insults at the woman, telling her to ‘go back to Africa, where you’re from’.

He then asked Mrs. Zed, ‘Who pays for your room?’ before throwing more insults, calling her a ‘tw*t’ and a ‘f***ing idiot.’

After labeling her as fat, video footage was shot telling her to ‘go to Africa, where you’re from.’

Pointing to the camera, he added: ‘You couldn’t do this in Zimbabwe’ to which Ms Zed joked: ‘He apparently works for the Home Office.’

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When his friend tried to stop him from threatening the woman with further assault, he yelled back, ‘No! I do not mind!’

Then the man was shown yelling at the guest that ‘you will be deported in the morning’.

Mrs. Zed hit back and told him, ‘I’ll take you to the hotel. They’ll kick you out.’

As more people entered the lobby, the man snapped at her, ‘Even the bouncers will think you’re crazy.’

The clips end with the victim being chased into the elevator.

Speaking of her experience, Ms Zed said: ‘The incident occurred in the early hours of July 10, 2023, just outside and in the lobby of the Hampton by Hilton hotel in central Birmingham.

‘By the time I started recording, his friend tried to stop him.

‘He harassed me for about 20 minutes as he kept following me in and out of the elevators because I didn’t want to share the elevator with him.

When she tried to report the guest’s behavior to hotel staff, Ms. Zed said she was told nothing could be done and the man would be leaving that morning anyway.

Ms Zed, who has lived in Britain for 25 years, says she has been abused before.

She added: ‘This incident made me feel very angry and humiliated. After this I stayed one more day in the hotel.

‘I don’t feel racism is taken very seriously in Britain as I am currently dealing with previous physical attacks in Leicester, which are still being investigated by police.

‘I lived in England for 25 years and this man threatened to have me deported.

‘I know a lot of good white people, so this incident will never make me a stereotypical British white person, but I am certainly disgusted, angry and disappointed by the attitude of some people, including the reaction of the police and the hotel.’

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