Subway beating suspect arrested after ‘HITTING 60-year-old woman with her own cane 50 times’


The thug who beat an elderly woman with her own cane fifty times on a New York City subway launched into a deranged rant about ‘judgement day’ as he was perp walked by cops.

The arrest

Norton Blake, 43, flew into a frenzy as he was hauled through the Transit District 3 police precinct Wednesday.

‘Judgement is coming on the face of the Earth, World War III is upon us!’ he screamed, while baring his teeth to the media hours after his arrest.

Shocking footage captured the attack five days ago, showing the man identified by police as Blake viciously hitting the pensioner, Laurell Reynolds, with her cane as she pleaded with him to stop.

Police sparked fury after it emerged that Blake was initially set free by cops on the scene after he and Reynolds reportedly offered conflicting accounts of the attack, before public outcry led investigators to arrest the thug days later.

Blake has criminal records

Blake, a career criminal with at least nine prior arrests, was picked up by the NYPD’s warrant squad at around 6:30am on Wednesday, law enforcement sources told the New York Post.

After being detained at the transit precinct, he was hauled before the media in cuffs while wearing a navy blue shirt and pants.

At first he appeared to hide his face from the cameras, before he quickly flew into an incoherent rant about the end of days.

While not much could be made out from his furious tirade as he screamed through a subway terminal, he could be heard declaring that he is a ‘lord’.

The alleged attacker’s perp walk was then taken outside to the streets of Manhattan, as footage of the incident saw him appear to claim his innocence.

‘It’s like Donald Trump says, its fake news, its gonna be one sided,’ he said.

‘You’re going to take like AI, and make it seem like my words… to use against me.’

The brutal attack that landed Blake behind bars saw him continuously strike Reynolds with her own cane at around 3am inside a subway station in Harlem, New York City.

The assault

At first, the attacker tried to hit her with an umbrella, while she used her cane to try and keep him at bay.

But the brute was able to sent her to the ground, whereupon he swiped the cane from her and begun the savage beating.

Blake allegedly hit her with the cane on her head, stomach, legs, arms, hands and back, and only stopped the attack when the cane broke from the force of the impacts.

Many have reacted with fury at the incident, as not a single transit staff or police officer was stationed at the subway to stop the attack.

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The attacker, dressed in dirty clothes and appearing to be a vagrant, continued abusing the pensioner by screaming at her after the stick snapped.

Before the video stopped, Reynolds was seen curled up and motionless, while the attacker landed several more kicks to her body.

When footage of the attack went viral and caused widespread outrage in New York City and online, a boroughwide search for the man responsible was launched.

Blake was named by police four days later, leading to questions over the delay after it emerged that he the suspect was freed when he gave police a fake name and countered Reynolds’ version of events.

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