What is Vladimir Putin’s WAY of thinking and procedure?


Vladimir Putin is a political figure with a complex worldview. He has been the President of Russia since 2000, and has been in power for over 20 years.

About Vladimir Putin

He is a strong leader who is known for his assertive foreign policy and his focus on restoring Russia‘s status as a major world power.

Putin’s worldview is heavily influenced by his experience as a KGB officer in the Soviet Union.

He has a strong sense of Russian nationalism, and believes that Russia should be a dominant player in international affairs.

What is Putin’s procedure?

In terms of his procedure, Putin is known for being a strong centralizer of power, and for using repressive measures to maintain control over the Russian government and political opposition.

He is also known for his use of propaganda and disinformation to shape public opinion and maintain support.

Putin consults widely and with all sides. He tries to give everybody at least a small win once in a while.

People who don’t influence Putin go away thinking at least they’ve been heard, Cass Dean rightly puts it.

‘It’s been long enough that some of them are feeling they’re being ‘handled’ and are holding out for having some impact on what he does.

‘As a negotiator, he usually comes to the table with a moderate win-win proposal.

‘Given who he usually negotiates with, this is taken as weakness, and the U.S. or E.U. think they’re going to be able to write their own ticket.

‘Next session, they try to sweeten the deal for themselves, but only get a counter offer with some of the original candy removed.

‘They caucus and think maybe they’ll take the original offer after all.

‘Too late. It is no longer on the table.

‘The hope is that eventually they will learn, negotiation time will be slashed, and Putin will have some leisure to go riding and catch some rays.’

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