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Woman contesting for US House of Reps performed s3x acts with husband on webcam for ‘tips’


A Virginia Democratic candidate for the state’s House of Representatives performed sex acts with her husband online and asked her online fans to drop ‘tips,’ according to a new report.

Sex on webcam

Susanna Gibson, a mother of two young children who is running in a competitive race to represent District 57 in Richmond, performed on the adult streaming website Chaturbate, according to screenshots of archived material according to The Post.

The 40-year-old nurse practitioner hosted more than a dozen of live sex romps with her husband on the platform, which were then posted to a publicly accessible archive on the website Recurbate in September 2022 after she declared her candidacy.

The aspiring lawmaker had more than 5,770 Chaturbate followers, whom she repeatedly pressed for more ‘tokens in exchange for certain acts in ‘private’ — adding that she was ‘raising money for a good cause.’

In other videos, she suggested that she and her husband have ‘tried swapping’ with different partners as she is ‘ethically non-monogamous,’ but that he ‘doesn’t like sharing.’

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Gibson often thanked her viewers after the tokens arrived and her husband, a lawyer, in at least one case echoed her requests.

‘It won’t silence me’

In a statement to The Washington Post, Gibson called the publicly posted videos ‘an illegal invasion’ of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family.

‘It won’t intimidate me and it won’t silence me,’ Gibson said.

‘My political opponents and their Republican allies have proven they’re willing to commit a sex crime to attack me and my family because there’s no line they won’t cross to silence women when they speak up.’

The candidate’s attorney, Daniel P. Watkins, told the outlet that the archived videos violated Virginia’s revenge porn law, which makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor to ‘maliciously’ circulate sexual images or another person’s nudity with ‘intent to coerce, harass, or intimidate.’

Gibson is competing against Republican David Owen, a former home builder, for the Nov. 7 election, as Democrats are seeking to regain their majority in the 100-member Virginia House.

Republicans currently control the lower chamber by three delegates, 49 to 46. Democrats lead the state Senate, 22 to 18.



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