20 Actresses We Only Remember Being Old, but They Could’ve Stolen Your Grandpa’s Heart


Films have always been a great source of entertainment since our grandparents’ times. And that is why we still love watching movies.

The yesteryear actresses have aged without losing an ounce of glamour and some of their best roles came to them when they were 60 years old.

These beauties still continue to possess the same aura as old times. And probably, these 20 actresses could’ve stolen your grandpa’s heart.

Scroll down and see for yourselves.

1. Jane Fonda

2. Kathy Bates

3. Helen Mirren

4. Blythe Danner

5. Diane Keaton

6. Jessica Lange

7. Susan Sarandon

8. Carmen Dell’Orefice

9. Julie Andrews

10. Angela Lansbury

11. Maggie Smith

12. Sally Field

13. Betty White

14. Meryl Streep

15. Barbra Streisand

16. Goldie Hawn

17. Glenn Close

18. Gloria Stuart

19. Judi Dench

20. Charlotte Rampling

What comparison has impressed you the most? Have you chosen your favorite actress in her twenties – what can you say about her?

If you think they look gorgeous now, wait until you see how incredibly captivating they were in their twenties.

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