Another victim: Israeli mother HID daughter, 7, in a cupboard while Hamas terrorists ransacked their kibbutz


A devoted Israeli mother who hid her daughter in a cupboard while Hamas terrorists ransacked their kibbutz, killing and kidnapping more than 20 has been laid to rest, according to DailyMail.

Brave Liz El Harrar rushed seven-year-old Adi into the hiding and barricaded the door with her own body as she lay dying from her bullet wounds.

This week she was honoured by dozens of family members and friends at a moving ceremony.

The horrifying call

The 45-year-old accountant had called her youngest sister Lital at 7.17am Saturday 7th October from the Holit kibbutz close to the borders with Gaza and Egypt to say that terrorists had broken into the kibbutz.

Gunmen then burst into her home and shot her husband Meir dead and fatally wounded her.

Saving the little girl

But as she lay bleeding, Liz ushered her daughter Adi into the cupboard and lay in front of the doors where she died.

The terrified youngster called her aunt Lital back to say that her mother had been shot and that she was afraid.

She told Adi to stay hidden and wait to be rescued.

Lital frantically called her sisters’ neighbours at the close-knit kibbutz and finally got through to Gideon Kubani who risked his own life to save the little girl.

Gideon, 58, a grandfather-of-13 had to move Liz’s body away from the cupboard to free the youngster and take her safety.

Memory of a brave mother

The youngster hid under a blanket with Gideon’s wife for some eight hours until they were rescued by the Israeli army.

Last Sunday Liz was remembered by her family and friends.

Her heart-broken sister Lital said: ‘Liz was a devoted mother. She cared for everyone before herself.

‘She called me at 7.17 on that Saturday morning to say that terrorists had broken into the kibbutz.

‘Five minutes later Adi called me to say that her mum had been shot and that she was hiding in the cupboard.

‘I told my niece to stay hiding until she was rescued.

‘I tried to call the neighbours but no one was picking up the phone. Finally I got through to Gideon. He said he would go and get her.

God opened the gates of hell

‘He had to move Liz’s body to get Adi out of the cupboard.’

Gideon refuses to accept that he is a hero for saving the little girl but praised Liz for saving her daughter’s life.

He said: ‘On that Saturday morning God opened the gates of hell.

‘Lital called me and I asked me to get Adi and take her back to my house.

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‘Her mother had put her in the cupboard and had died trying to protect her.

‘I had to move Liz’s body to get her out. But she had succeeded in protecting her daughter. She saved her life.’

Gideon added: ‘Fifteen people were killed at our kibbutz on Saturday and six people are missing.’

The first wave of Hamas fighters were very professional and well organised. But the next lot were a rabble – looting and desecrating the bodies of their victims.

‘We only had handguns to defend ourselves.

‘But next time we will be ready.’

Lital, 28, has told of her anger that the Hamas terrorist attack was able to happen.

Hamas killed more than 1,400 people and took more than 200 hostages into Gaza during their devastating raid into southern Israel on Saturday 7th October.

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