‘I’ll RAPE your f***ing a**, you f***ot’: Teacher and youth baseball coach hurls homophobic road rage at musician


A New York City teacher and youth baseball coach has been caught screaming homophobic slurs and threatening to rape a man during a road rage attack.

Homophobic rage

‘I’ll rape your f***ing a**, you f***ot,’ Juan Ynoa was heard yelling in a video that went viral. ‘Hey, jerk off! What’s up, you f***ing jerk off?’

Ynoa, a teacher at Flushing High School in Queens, New York, can be seen wearing a New York Longhorns Baseball shirt in the clip.

Relieved of his duties

He has been reassigned ‘away from students’ and ‘relieved of his duties’ with the youth basement team he coached.

He was shouting at Matthew Kevelson, a musician who recorded and posted the footage online.

Kevelson told NBC News that the incident occurred after Ynoa cut across three lanes of traffic.

A woman can be seen laughing in the passenger seat.

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‘You are messing with the wrong dude,’ Ynoa can be heard saying when he got out from his vehicle to take photos of Kevelson’s license plate.

Investigation continues

Ynoa taught at Flushing High School before the New York City Department of Education said in an email Ynoa was reassigned ‘away from students while an investigation is conducted’.

New York Longhorns Baseball said a ‘staff member was relieved of his duties’ with the organization after learning ‘a verbal altercation’.

‘The actions, words and sentiments expressed by the former member do not align in any way with the Longhorns core values and mission,’ the team wrote in a social media post without naming Ynoa.

Kevelson drove off afraid of what would happen.

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