I’m 15 years younger than my husband and people assume I’m a BIMBO


A woman has prompted an online conversation about age gap relationships after revealing she is 15 years younger than her partner.

The anonymous woman, who is believed to be UK-based, took to parenting forum Mumsnet to share a post titled [Am I Being Unreasonable] to think the young girlfriend/wife gets a raw deal?.

Is the relationship set up cringey?

Despite saying her husband is ‘happier than ever’, and even his own mother agrees, a number of respondents described the relationship set up as ‘cringey’, after the couple met when she was 21 and he was 36.

The original post read: ‘I’m 15 years younger than my husband. We have been married a year and have a 4-month-old baby.

‘I’m 25, he’s 40 and we’re both in great careers, have our own home, financially stable, unbelievable sex life and genuinely happy. We have our disagreements like everyone else, but on the whole it’s a healthy, happy relationship.

‘However – I still find I get a lot of sneers and as if I must be a young bimbo for being much younger, like I’m a silly wee girl.

‘We got a lot of “oh she’s a silly young girl” or “she’s his mid-life crisis”, “it’ll never last” etc.’

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Just recently we had an appointment with our solicitor about something and he apologised and we said why? And he said he got us all wrong on paper he expected some young dope not someone with career, sensible etc

‘I’ve also noticed on Mumsnet itself a lot of younger girlfriends/wives etc get a bad name or labelled very quickly.

‘If they’re the other woman I completely understand as I know that sometimes is the case when there’s a younger girlfriend/wife but apart from that I don’t understand why we get labelled so badly or as if we are silly/naive/stupid??’

Online comments

A number of respondents took to the post to reveal that can see such pairings in a negative light.

One wrote: ‘I just can’t understand what an attractive, stable, career orientated 25 year old would see in a 40 year old man unless it’s £££ or unresolved issues.

‘Equally I’d find it deeply unsettling that a 40-year-old man went for someone so much younger.’

A further respondent claimed the blame lies more with the men.

They wrote: ‘The judgment is more on the men than the women. The number of men who move on from women/ relationships they have been in for 20 yrs, to pick up with someone young enough to be their daughter and do it all over again is slightly cringe.’

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