I was BULLIED for being ugly as a child – now I make £30,000 a month


A woman who felt ‘genuinely ugly’ as a child has experienced a glow up in adulthood, but admits that she struggles to ‘get used to’ her newfound beauty.

April Opal, 18, from Middlesbrough has gone from being the ‘overweight’ girl that ‘nobody fancied’ to selling glamorous pictures for a living, which can make her up to £30,000 a month.


She explained that as a child she was ‘strange’ and ‘heavily criticised for how she looked’.

At one point, April was on track to study stem cell research at Oxford or Cambridge, but that all changed when she realised her newfound beauty.

In conversation with Daily Star, the content creator explained that she now finds it ‘strange’ that she can fund her life through her glamorous looks.

April said: ‘I was a genuinely strange child and as I got older it never really got better.

‘I have been heavily criticised for how I look, and I was never anybody’s first choice in school, nobody really fancied me.’

The young model was focused on school and considered going to Oxford or Cambridge to study stem cell research.

How to do makeup differently

But as April grew older, her looks slowly began to change.

After learning to do her makeup differently and opting for a glamorous style, her looks became more conventionally attractive.

She ditched her plan of studying at university since realising she can make a living off her looks.

The teen now flaunts her beauty on social media, with men fawning over her in the comments and paying money for her sexy images.

April can make up to £30,000 a month from selling her content, and one man that she had never met before asked for her hand in marriage after viewing her content.

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