Iran NOT BEHIND Hamas attack on Israel: Supreme leader Ali Khamenei


Iran‘s Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday, October 10 that Tehran was not involved in the militant group, Hamas’ attack on Israel over the weekend, but hailed what he called Israel’s ‘irreparable’military and intelligence defeat.

Iran in the mix of the attack

Israel has for years accused Iran of stoking violence by supplying arms to Hamas.

Tehran which does not recognize Israel, says it gives moral and financial support to the group, which controls the Gaza Strip.

Supporting the Palestinian movement has been a pillar for Iran since the 1979 revolution and a way the Shi’ite-dominated country has curated itself as a leader of the Muslim world.

‘We kiss the hands of those who planned the attack on the Zionist regime,’ said Khamenei, who was wearing a Palestinian scarf, in his first televised speech since the attack.

‘This destructive earthquake (Hamas’ attack) has destroyed some critical structures (in Israel) which will not be repaired easily … The Zionist regime’s own actions are to blame for this disaster,’said Khamenei on Tuesday.

U.S. warns Iran not to get involved

The United States said on Monday Iran was complicit in Hamas’ assault on Israel, but added it had no intelligence or evidence supporting this assertion.

The top U.S. general on Monday warned Iran not to get involved in the crisis, saying he did not want the conflict to the broaden.

Report from Israel

Israel said earlier on Tuesday it had re-established control over the Gaza border and was planting mines where militants had toppled the barrier during their bloody weekend assault, after another night of relentless Israeli air raids on the enclave.

Khamenei said an attack on Gaza would ‘unleash a much heavier torrent of anger’.

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‘The occupying regime seeks to portray itself as a victim to escalate its crimes further … this is a misguided calculation … It will result in even greater disaster,’ Khamenei said.

As at press time, the death toll from the Hamas attack had climbed to 900, with at least 2,600 injured.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said at least 687 Palestinians were killed and 3,726 wounded in Israeli air strikes on the blockaded enclave since Saturday.

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