Jada Pinkett-Smith used Scientology to homeschool her kids – she claims it was BETTER than traditional learning


Jada Pinkett-Smith has defended her use of Scientology to homeschool her children and claimed it was better than traditional learning.

The actress writes in her memoir that it enabled Jaden and Willow to attain ‘100 percent proficiency with a subject’ instead of just learning things by rote.

Jada denied she was a member of the Church of Scientology and said that for her it didn’t have a ‘stigma’.

She also claims that she sent her father to a Scientology drug treatment program and that within a month he went from being close to death to fit and strong, a transformation she calls a ‘miracle’.

Jada Pickett-Smith relationship to Scientology

Jada’s comments in her new memoir Worthy, come after years of speculation about her and her husband Will Smith‘s relationship to Scientology.

Despite speculation that Will is a Scientologist, a former Scientology executive said in 2015 that he was not a member.

Yet in 2008, Will and Jada opened the New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, California, a private elementary school which was said to employ Scientologist teaching methods.

Jada says that the goal of Study Tech is to ‘help a student achieve 100 percent proficiency with a subject, as opposed to memorizing and regurgitating but not gaining command over said knowledge or skills.’

Is Scientology better than traditional learning?

She says it can help a child ‘gain a sense of self determinism with respect to whatever is being taught.’

She goes on: ‘The system offers many different processes for how to engage children in their education and to create habits that make them lifelong learners.’

Jada writes that Jaden ‘thrived’ with homeschooling but Willow asked to attend a regular school when she was middle school age.

Willow didn’t like it to begin with but stuck with it.In the book, Jada writes that she turned to Scientology again after her father suffered a severe relapse from his drug addictions.

She writes that she got him into Narconon, a program affiliated with Scientology to help people with addictions.

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Narconon claims to have an 80 percent success rate and rockstar Beck is said to be a fan, but it has faced lawsuits from families whose relatives have died while attending the program.

In Worthy, Jada writes that her father Robsol was in ‘disastrous shape’ and he was so sick from drugs that he needed a wheelchair to get around.

Jada writes that in her view he was ‘clearly on the brink of death.’

Yet after attending the program for less than a month Robsol was ‘drug free, out playing basketball’ and was recovering ‘speedily,’ Jada claims.

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