Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Bonding With ‘Cool’ Meghan Markle At Beyoncé Concert: Exclusive

Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Bonding With 'Cool' Meghan Markle At Beyoncé Concert: Exclusive

Legends only! As previously reported, Meghan Markle celebrated Labor Day at the Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, taking in Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour concert on September 4 with some very famous seatmates: Kerry Washington and Kelly Rowland, with dazzling pics of the trio to prove it.  For Kelly’s part, the singer and actress was impressed by the Duchess of Sussex, she told HELLO! at a WaterWipes event in Brooklyn on Saturday.

“It was my first time meeting her,” the Destiny’s Child alum said.  “It was just nice being there with other great women and being able to just simply talk.”  

It turns out Kelly and Meghan, both 42, and Kerry, 46, have more in common than a love of Beyoncé: all three women have spent a considerable amount of time in the public eye, and are married moms to two young kids each. 

“I don’t know what people expect to see or to know, but she just felt very cool and very down to earth. She is very warm,” the “Motivation” singer enthused — and added that Meghan had a regal bearing independent of her very famous husband and in-laws.

“She was royal before she was in that family,” she told HELLO! “I think that we are royalty before anything. And we have to hold ourselves in that regard as humans, as people.”

As for fellow queen Beyoncé, Kelly added that her lifelong best friend’s decompression time after the end of the Renaissance Tour trek has been quiet. “We’re all just enjoying our time chilling out, chilling out,” she said.

Kelly, however, is definitely not chilling out: she’s rehearsing for a tour in Australia in November and prepping for Halloween with Titan, nine, and Noah, two, her sons with husband Tim Weatherspoon.

She and little Noah got into the spooky season spirit at Saturday’s Brooklyn Harvest Festival, where mother and son (dressed as an astronaut!) demonstrated WaterWipes’ Hallowclean machine, which will dispense free wipes on Halloween in Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.

The singer and actress and husband Tim Weatherspoon also share Noah’s older brother Titan, 9

“Oh, we love Halloween in our house!” the “Commander” singer said. “I usually put so much energy into Halloween — Titan wants to be Lebron James and Noah wants to be a dog.” 

Kelly has her own Halloween memories she holds dear. When she and her mom moved to Houston, Texas when she was around nine years old, “I didn’t know what to expect of Houston and I said I wanted to be a cowgirl. I had this whole little denim skirt and my little red bandanna pigtails and a cute little cowboy hat. And I just remember it feeling like home for the first time since we’d moved away from Atlanta. It was a very warm feeling.”

These days, Kelly is the mom and embraces the chaos of being the only woman in a household of boys. “My husband is very tidy,” she explained “He’s the person that actually folds his clothes really neatly. He actually worked in retail. So, he was super particular about that.”

“But our boys, on the other hand…” she said, laughing ” [They forget about] flushing the toilet behind them. All the things boys do. Noah got so upset the other morning because everybody was leaving at one time, that he took the plate and flipped it over, creating this huge mess!”

But Kelly put her foot down. “Because he’s old enough, we start to have him clean it up because he knows better. I don’t want to have a messy kid!”

Because, Kelly reasons, a messy kid means a messy adult. “So, when they’re dating somebody later, they’re like, oh my God, thanks for this messy person. I got it; you know what I mean? Like, I don’t want them phone calls, so I want the opposite!”

As for whether her boys will take after their mom and become entertainers — and perhaps join her onstage as her goddaughter Blue Ivy has done with mom Beyonce — that’s still up in the air. “If they wanted to. Titan is really into singing in the choir right now at the school and that is cool,” Kelly said. “Whatever that grows into or if it grows at all, that’s fine…we’ll see!”

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