Moment busker, 25, is GROPED while performing by two men – who then offer her 50p to apologise


A woman revealed she was sexually assaulted in broad daylight when two men suddenly grabbed her bottom while she was busking.

Professional singer Holly Marie, from Blackpool, was singing in her hometown when two strangers approached her from behind and groped her.

The 25-year-old was filming her performance at the time which meant she caught the moment on camera.

On the clip, which has already been viewed by 3 million people, on her TikTok @hollymariemusic_ she wrote: ‘Women aren’t safe anywhere.’

The offenders were heard claiming ‘it was just a joke’ in the video and even offered her 50p as an apology.

The assault

In the footage Holly’s song was disrupted when a man approached her from behind and pinched her bottom.

She quickly said: ‘What the f***k are you doing? Are you mad?’

Then a second man approached her and also groped the singer, prompting her to say: ‘What the hell are you doing?’

Speaking to the camera she said: ‘These two lads just walked passed me and pinched my bum.

‘There is security over there, security is sorting it out, they are coming over now.’

Then the men came back over and tried to hug her. Holly said: ‘No, don’t touch me, do not come near me. Disgusting.

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‘I do not want your money, that was sexual assault. Go away I don’t want your 50p. You’re disgusting, see ya later.’

Holly, who grew up singing in the church, admitted she ‘felt so violated’ and she ‘couldn’t carry on singing’ so she packed up and went home after the incident.

Don’t touch

Speaking to the Daily Star Holly said: ‘It is so inappropriate and disrespectful and I couldn’t believe it happened. I just can’t believe they thought it was ok to come up and touch me, it is so so bad.

‘I decided to post to make people aware that this is what happens to women on a daily basis, it happens to men as well, all genders, and it is not ok to touch anyone, regardless of if it’s just their arm. It just makes me so angry and it is so inappropriate.’

Holly went back to busking a few days later however she left after an hour when one of the men who previously assaulted her strolled past and she is yet to return to Blackpool city centre.

Many rushed to the comments in support of Holly with many shocked at the assault.

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