Russian Killer Who Used A Meat-Grinder To Dispose Of His Lover’s Body, 27, Is Pardoned And Released From Jail By Putin As A Reward For Fighting In Ukraine


A Russian murderer, Dmitry Zelensky, has been released from prison by Vladimir Putin as a reward for his involvement in the war against Ukraine.

Zelensky, aged 41, had been serving an 11-year sentence in a high-security prison for the murder of Tatiana Melekhina, his 27-year-old lover.

He had strangled her and then dismembered her body, using a meat grinder for this gruesome act.

Western Media reports that law enforcement sources described the murder as exceptionally cruel, and shocking for even experienced detectives.

Zelensky didn’t stop at dismembering the body; he meticulously separated the flesh from the bones and turned it into mincemeat, which he disposed of down the toilet. The bones were discarded into a river as part of his plan to hide the murder.

As per the report, the disappearance of Tatiana triggered a massive search after her father reported her missing. Zelensky, a resident of Perm, later confessed to the murder following an argument. He had concealed from Tatiana that he was married and had a daughter.

Upon discovering her husband’s heinous crime, Zelensky’s 44-year-old wife, also named Tatiana, expressed shock, saying, “I don’t know what to say now… I didn’t know he could be so cruel.”

Tatiana’s sister, Oksana, expressed outrage over the family not being informed about Zelensky’s release.

She mentioned that during his trial, it was promised that they would be notified about his whereabouts and movements, but they received no information despite their inquiries.

Zelensky’s mother, Galina, confirmed his pardon and release. However, the exact location of his involvement in the war remains unknown. Galina explained that her son had joined the conflict for various reasons, possibly seeking to atone for his terrible crime.

When Zelensky confessed to killing Tatiana, it was revealed that he had promised her a fresh start in a major city. They embarked on a journey from their remote Russian town of Gubakha to the regional capital of Perm. Tatiana never made it to the city.
In truth, Zelensky, a married father, had no intention of permanently relocating to Perm. Tatiana’s father reported her missing when she failed to call him upon her arrival, as she had promised.

This release of hardened criminals who have participated in the war and their subsequent return to civilian life has raised concerns among Russians, who fear a potential surge in crime.

Earlier in the year, Putin initiated the awarding of medals to violent convicts recruited from Russian prisons for their “courageous” involvement in Ukraine.

In March, the Ministry of Defence announced the pardoning and release of thousands of Russian convicts who had fought for the private mercenary army Wagner.

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