Suge Knight accuses Master P of lying about visiting him in prison to BUY OFF Snoop Dogg’s rights for $2m


Executive producer and former owner of the record label Death Row Records, Suge Knight has put hip-hop veteran, Master P on blast for allegedly lying about how he (Master p) visited Suge Knight to prison to negotiate signing Snoop Dogg to No Limit Records.

Suge Knight who is incarcerated is set to launch his ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’ podcast next week from behind bars, and he released a teaser on Friday, October 27, blasting Master P’s claims that he visited Suge in prison to acquire Snoop’s music rights in a $2million deal.

How Snoop cancelled the deal

After one particular studio session, Master P asked how much money Snoop wanted for his work. He replied ’15,’ meaning $1,500.

‘I come back the next day, Master P wrote me a check for $35,000,’ he continued.

‘So I’m like, oh, I like this n-gga’s style. He called me to his office, he said ‘’What you working on?’’ I said, ‘I got this album called Fuck Death Row. This muthafucka hard.’”

But Master P thought it was a bad idea. Snoop explained the No Limit boss closed the door to his office and warned Snoop, ‘You ain’t gon’ live to see that album out.’

So, Snoop ultimately decided to cancel the album release.

Master P said he feels like he saved Snoop’s life and talked about the deal to bring him to No Limit with The Breakfast Club in 2015.

‘I feel like I saved Snoop’s life,’ he said. ‘He went through some things. I feel like he was the best talent that I knew in the world. Snoop Dogg, I was always a fan of him, but when I talked to him, he wasn’t in a good place. Suge was about to sign him over to some other label. I’m like, “Man, my money don’t spend? Let me get that.”’

When did Snoop Dogg left No Limit Records?

Snoop left No Limit Records in 2006.

However, reacting to the claim, Suge said Master P’s not even on his list of approved visitors, so it’s not possible to be visited by him in prison.

‘[Master P] slipped up and said he came to visit me in prison,’ he says in a new clip.

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‘And gave me a couple of bucks — $2 million I never would have took no sh*t like that for Snoop. I got a whole list if anybody ever visits me. You got to be approved. That n***a is not on none of it.’

The paperwork

According to Knight, he actually signed a deal with Priority Records’ Bryan Turner, and allowed Snoop to sign to No Limit

‘The paperwork is what the paperwork says,” he also adds. ‘I did a deal with Bryan Turner at Priority Records. And [I] loaned Snoop’s services to Priority and gave him the right to go over to No Limit.’

Clearly, fans are in for some interesting revelations with Knight’s new podcast, which is only days away from dropping.

The pod, which goes live on Halloween, will touch on a variety of hip hop subjects, apart from 2Pac’s murder case.

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