Victoria Beckham BLASTS ‘selfish’ David for putting football ahead of family


Victoria Beckham has shared how frustrated she was with husband David when he kept moving country to play for different leagues.

The footballer, 48, started his career at Manchester United but relocated to Spain in 2003 when he began playing for Real Madrid.

The family struggled to adjust to life in the capital, Victoria confessing that she ‘resented’ David for having to relocate, particularly given it was the aftermath of his alleged affair with personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

Victoria called out David

In 2007 the Beckhams made another move as they headed Stateside so David could play for LA Galaxy, with Victoria saying: ‘LA was a great place to live because I had my family together and I let go of a lot of pain.’

Yet it all came crashing down two years later when David was advised by England manager Fabio Capello that if he wanted to represent his country at the next World Cup he would need to ‘play for a European club at the highest level’, prompting David’s ‘selfish’ decision to move to Italy.

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Speaking in David’s docuseries BECKHAM, Victoria reasoned: ‘LA was a great place to live… I remember someone saying to me once that LA is like rehab for famous people that’s why you always see people walking around Malibu in Ugg boots and tracksuits!

‘The schools were great. We still got attention – but when you’ve got Tom Cruise rocking up to a restaurant who cares if the Beckhams go! Everything was a lot easier for us as a family.

‘I definitely felt at peace, finally we seemed settled.’ Yet just as the family found their feet, David was advised to play for Inter Milan, revealing he jetted to Italy because ‘Victoria totally understood.’

She was upset because David was selfish

The camera then cut to an incredulous Victoria recalling the conversation as she exclaimed: ‘What do you mean you wanna go to Milan? We’ve just moved from one side of the world to other for you!

‘What I signed up for was us being in LA as a family. so I didn’t expect to turn up in LA have everything perfect and then he go, “guess what, surprise, I’m going away again!”‘

Explaining her upset, Victoria continued: ‘It was gonna be another time when I was left at home on my own with the kids because the kids had to stay in LA, they’re in school.

‘I respected his career and always have done immensely but not again. I was really upset and off he went!’

David admitted he had only been thinking about himself when he made the move, explaining: ‘Selfishly that was me saying “doesn’t matter what any of you think, this is what I need to do.”

‘I wasn’t thinking about my teammates, I wasn’t thinking about my family, I was thinking about me.

‘If there’s an opportunity to play for my country in a World Cup I will do whatever I can to make that happen – but I never wanted to leave LA.’

‘What the f_ck?’

After flitting between LA Galaxy and Inter Milan, David began to talk about his impending retirement, at which point Victoria revealed: ‘We decided it was time to go home.

‘We hadn’t seen our families for a long time… and then he pulls a David Beckham special [and says] “I’m moving!”‘

David explained: ‘I get the call from Paris saying “do you want to come and help give us a boost? We haven’t won the league in 18 years”. Even before they asked me my mind was made up.’

Baffled Victoria confessed: ‘ I was like “what the f**k?” I laugh about it now but I was like “no seriously, really?”‘

David went on to play for Paris Saint-Germain for five months before retiring in May 2013 in an emotional final match where he played as captain.

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