Woman ADMITS to cleaning partner’s pen!s for three years


An Australian woman has made the shock admission it was her ‘job’ to clean her partner’s penis with a Q-tip every week for three years.

The woman called into Triple J’s The Hook Up and told hosts Dee Salmin and Pip Rasmussen her partner‘s penis wasn’t properly cleaned for over 20 years.

Why she cleaned her partner’s penis for 3 years

‘I had to clean my partner’s penis for three years,’ she said on Tuesday.’

The foreskin on his penis didn’t come back all the way. We’d gone to a doctor and everything and they couldn’t really do anything to help it.

‘He got very funny about that sort of situation, like touching his penis and stuff like that.

‘So, I had to use lube and a Q-tip to clean 20-something years of build up.’

The two hosts were left shocked with Rasmussen grasping her face with her hands in disbelief.

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The radio station described what required cleaning in crude terms, as the man’s ‘d***-cheese load’.Rasmussen and her co-host immediately questioned why the woman was charged with looking after her boyfriend’s genitals.

‘Why wouldn’t he do it himself?’ Salmin asked.

Rasmussen followed: ‘Why was he so phobic of it?”


‘The whole situation of his penis just freaked him out – he wouldn’t masturbate at that point, that’s how bad it was,’ the woman replied.

‘So it kind of got put down to me for three years to clean it.

‘I don’t know why I was maintaining it.’

A flabbergasted Salmin stepped back from the microphone.

‘I’m just still trying to process that this was a job in your relationship, to clean your boyfriend’s foreskin,’ she said.

‘With a Q-tip, every week for three years.’

Footage of the segment was shared to Instagram were social media users were left horrified.

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