Woman tries ‘SOUREST candy in the world’ on camera


This is the hilarious moment a woman was left in tears after trying the ‘sourest candy in the world’ on camera.

Influencer @underratedhijabi, who recently celebrated one million subscribers on YouTube UK, is known for her daredevil candy stunts, but even she was shocked by its razor-sharp flavour of the confectionary.

What is the sourest candy in the world?

She took to Instagram to share one of her bravest experiments yet – tasting Mr Simms hard boiled Mega Sours.

They are said to be so sour, they’ve been dubbed ‘Black Death’.

She began with a disclaimer, warning that the ‘scary’ sweets are not to be tried by anyone ‘under eight years of age’, before cautiously popping one into her mouth.

In a matter of seconds she burst into a series of convulsions that people thought were so hilarious, they branded the influencer ‘possessed’.

Black Death Mega Sours cost £3.60 for a 200g bag and are lemon-flavoured with an acid coating and an ‘extremely acid’ centre.

Speaking from the front seat of her car, she explained: ‘This is called Black Death. It is the most sour candy in the world.

‘Warning! Not suitable for anyone under eight years of age. Let’s give them a go’.

She then launched into a brand new packet of Mr Simms Megasours – her eyes alight with excitement as she tore the bag open.She held the contents of the bag towards the camera, giving viewers a close-up view of the sweets.

A look of fear set in as she said: ‘That looks so scary!’

She continued: ‘Why does it look like it’s made out of glass and concrete?’Let’s give it a go Bismillah (meaning in the name of God or Allah)’.

The daring content creator grabbed the Brussel sprout-sized sweets and placed one in her mouth, apparently signalling the point of no return.

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