Elon Musk backtracks on his post appearing to promote anti-Semitism after being DUBBED the ‘world’s richest bigot’


Elon Musk on Wednesday evening backtracked on his earlier endorsement of an antisemitic post, clarifying that calls for ‘a Jewish genocide’ were ‘unacceptable to any reasonable person’ – but then resuming his long-running series of attacks on the antisemitism watchdog ADL.

Musk, who was in San Francisco for the APEC summit, was accused on Wednesday afternoon of promoting antisemitism after replying to a racist post with the comment: ‘You have said the actual truth.’

He then, two hours later, wrote: ”decolonization’ necessarily implies a Jewish genocide, thus it is unacceptable to any reasonable person.’

Musk, who has been strongly criticized by the Anti-Defamation League and Israel‘s Foreign Ministry for his past remarks, then attacked the ADL, accusing them of racism.

‘And, at the risk of being repetitive, I am deeply offended by ADL’s messaging and any other groups who push de facto anti-white racism or anti-Asian racism or racism of any kind,’ he said. ‘I’m sick of it. Stop now.’

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