Israeli actress Gal Gadot ‘plans HOLLYWOOD screening showing footage of Hamas terror attack atrocities’


Israeli actress Gal Gadot is reportedly spearheading a Hollywood screening of a 47-minute video of the atrocities committed by the terrorist group Hamas during the October 7 surprise attack on Israel.

The footage

The footage, provided by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), will be shown to a select group of celebrities and influential figures, i24 News reported.

The first screening is planned to host 120 viewers, with potential additional screenings based on interest.

In the early morning hours of October 7, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel, killing 1,400 Israelis and taking 240 people, including foreigners, who remain hostage inside the Gaza Strip.

The footage will be aired under the title ‘Bearing Witness to the October 7th Massacre’ in both Los Angeles and New York this week, according to reporting from The Wrap.

Screenings of the footage

The American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League are helping organize screenings of the footage.

Israel released the ‘gruesome’ and ‘unseen’ bodycam footage taken by Hamas terrorists on October 7 last month to counter ‘Holocaust denial-like phenomenon evolving in real time.’

The footage of the carnage committed during the surprise attack on Israel in the early morning hours of October 7, where terrorists murdered, raped and maimed civilians, is said to be disturbing based on reports from foreign journalists and members of the Israeli legislature, the Knesset, who have seen the video.

Oscar-winning Israeli film director Guy Nattiv spearheaded the initiative and told i24 News that the disturbing footage is important to show.

‘I stand with Israel’

‘As a filmmaker, I swore that these images of October 7 would not be forgotten, and the world would see them,’ he said.

‘Because now the denial begins – it is a fake, it is not a fake (…) We cannot pass by in silence.’

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Gadot has not made a public statement about the screenings, but served in the IDF before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

She has frequently voiced her support for Israel.

‘I stand with Israel you should too,’ Gadot posted on Instagram on October 7.

‘The world cannot sit on the fence when these horrific acts of terror are happening!’

Since then, she has posted countless videos and photos of the hostages still being held captive by Hamas, along with the hashtag #NoHostageLeftBehind.

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