Jennifer Lopez’s music director reveals the TRUTH behind the 54-year-old singer’s ageless looks and incredible physique


Kim Burse – a music director who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Queen Latifah, Ciara, and Tamara Braxton – has been collaborating with Jennifer, 54, for 13 years and has collaborated on her tours including All I Have and It’s My Party.

Kim, 55, praised Jennifer for always working ‘really, really hard’, and also revealed that she doesn’t think the On The Floor hitmaker will be retiring any time soon.

Why Jennifer Lopez looks ageless

Explaining why she thinks Jennifer looks as incredible as she does in her mid-fifties, she said: ‘It’s the whole spectrum. It’s personal wellness, physical, like she takes care of it all. She makes sure that she covers everything and she works hard, she really, really does.’

When will Jennifer Lopez retire?

When asked if she thinks the Jenny from the Block singer will ever retire, Kim admitted that she wouldn’t like to ‘put a stamp’ on it – but said she cannot see it happening in the near future.

‘Absolutely not. She’s not [retiring],’ she said.

How J.Lo’s rehearsals look like

Anyone who tuned in to J.Lo’s Netflix documentary, Halftime knows just how hard the singer rehearsed to ensure that her February 2020 performance at the Super Bowl was nothing short of perfection, with Kim revealing she would squeeze in meetings in the early hours to fit into her hectic schedule.

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J.Lo and her music director (L)

Jennifer Lopez is a perfectionist

‘With the Super Bowl, I look back on that time and we worked so hard for something that was about, at the most, maybe six minutes,’ Kim said.

‘And we worked so, so hard from the A to the Z, we made sure that we got everything together and she was with us every day in the rehearsals.

‘And in her Netflix documentary, the time that I’m in the movie with her at her table and we’re trying to go over the songs and timings, that was actually around 1:30 in the morning because she was shooting a movie and so I had to meet her and we were talking about the music after she finished filming.

‘She was still going, you know, she didn’t stop.’

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