Laurence Fox Denies ‘Brutal’ Divorce From Billie Piper Turned Him Into A ‘Weaponised Anti-Woke Bad Boy’

Laurence Fox Denies 'Brutal' Divorce From Billie Piper Turned Him Into A 'Weaponised Anti-Woke Bad Boy'

Actor and political activist Laurence Fox have refuted accusations that his divorce from actress Billie Piper was the spark for his transformation into a ‘weaponised anti-woke bad boy’.

Instead, Fox argues that the allegations against him, including tweets labeling him as ‘racist’, were part of an ‘organised pile-on’ aimed at damaging his career.

Libel Trial and the ‘Organised Pile-On’

The Reclaim Party founder has been giving evidence for two days in a libel trial resulting from a Twitter exchange about Sainsbury’s decision to provide a safe space for black employees during Black History Month.

Fox had called for a boycott of the supermarket in October 2020 and was subsequently labeled a ‘racist’ by drag artist Crystal, former Stonewall trustee Simon Blake, and actress Nicola Thorp. Fox, who denies being a racist, stated that the trio’s posts were an ‘organised pile-on designed to destroy my career’.

Impact on Career

In her tweet, Thorp alleged that “any company giving future employment to Laurence Fox, or providing him with a platform, does so with the complete knowledge that he is unequivocally, publicly and undeniably a racist”.

Fox claimed that this tweet was the turning point, saying “My career ended that moment”.

Apology and Counterclaim

Fox has since apologized from the witness box to two individuals he referred to as pedophiles in a Twitter row that sparked the High Court libel battle. However, he is counter-suing the trio over their tweets.

During the trial, Fox stated his use of the term ‘pedophile’ was rhetorical and intended to diminish the ‘ridiculousness’ of being labeled a racist.

Fox’s outspoken stance on various social and political issues has been divisive among the public and media, leading to significant criticism.

Despite this, he maintains that the attacks on him were coordinated, not spontaneous responses to his views or statements.

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