Mohbad’s Mother Abandoned Him And His Siblings To Get Pregnant For Another Man – Mohbad’s Paternal Aunt Slams Late Singer’s Mother And Wife

Mohbad's Mother Abandoned Him And His Siblings To Get Pregnant For Another Man - Mohbad's Paternal Aunt Slams Late Singer's Mother And Wife

An alleged relative of Mohbad’s father makes shocking allegations about why the late singer’s mother abandoned her children for ten years and her reason for siding with Wunmi.

It would be recalled that following the death of the ex-signee, there were rumours of his mother abandoning the family.

The singer also mentioned the same in one of his music tracks titled, ‘Sorry,’ where he said in the lyrics, “10 years I no see mummy.”

An unidentified relative from the late singer’s paternal side alleged that Mohbad’s mother had an affair and got pregnant with another man. According to her, this was the reason for the separation between the Mohbad’s parents.

While lambasting Mohbad’s mother for siding with her late son’s wife, Wunmi, the relative called the duo ‘birds of a feather.

In her words, “She left all the children when Mohbad was 8 years old and got impregnated by another man. That’s why she and Wunmi are close and understand themselves. They don’t know how to say no, always yes. If a dog comes, it enters, if a goat does the same, it enters; that who the two of you are.”

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