My 34H boobs left me in AGONY and I hated looking at them in the mirror


A woman who claimed she ‘never loved her body’ has opened up about how her ‘quality of life’ and her self confidence have completely transformed after she underwent a breast reduction surgery.

As it was in her childhood..

Growing up, Carissa Beasley, 26, would constantly have to visit chiropractors and doctors with pain in her back and neck, and she also faced upset every time she went shopping for clothing because she felt as though nothing suited her figure.

Not only was the Nevada native dealing with her breasts growing in, but the then-teen was also diagnosed with scoliosis – an abnormal twisting and curvature of the spine – at just 13.

So desperate to reduce her cup size

But with her breasts still her biggest issue in adulthood, Carissa was desperate to reduce her cup size and decided to go under the knife to make them smaller – taking her from a 34H to a 34B.

The plant shop owner’s story has captured the attention of thousands of TikTok users, with a video of her experience racking up one million views.

‘I was constantly trying to lose weight to reduce my cup size,’ Carissa said.

With 34H boobs

‘I’d have to wear three sports bras for any type of high-intensity gym classes.

‘I never loved my body. I would constantly get upset anytime I’d go shopping or needed a new outfit because nothing ever fit properly.

Then she said ‘yes’ to the scary life-altering decision

‘It really hindered my quality of life and my self image.’

In June 2023, Carissa visited a doctor for a consultation after a year of research and eventually went ahead with the ‘scary life-altering decision.’

Three weeks later, her insurance had approved the procedure but said it would not cover the entire cost – leaving her to pay $1,800 herself.

And the surgery took place in August 2023.

‘I’m a very active person so it was always a struggle,’ she shared.

‘My back and neck were always sore and now being active is a breeze.

Now – after her swelling goes down, she will be a 34B

‘I used to feel so upset about my appearance especially when I’d lose weight but my chest wouldn’t.

‘The procedure [was] great! I actually had no pain but moving around was tough and uncomfortable for a few days.’

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Just two weeks later, Carissa felt incredible, with her confidence soaring thanks to the five pounds removed from her chest.

She is still wearing compression garments and support bras, but after her swelling goes down, she will be a 34B.

‘I feel incredible. I look in the mirror and feel like this is how my body should have always been,’ she confessed.

‘Now, I have barely any neck pain and no back pain at all.

‘I cannot believe how incredible I feel. I feel extremely light, and like this is how my body should have always been.’

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