Ricky Gervais ANNOUNCES new career move, then urges fans to help him make ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’ in hilarious post


Ricky Gervais has announced he is delving into alcohol production, after becoming the co-owner of Ellers Farm Distillery.

His hilarious post

The comedian, 62, shared the career move in an amusing Instagram clip, urging followers to purchase the brand’s vodka as it would help to make him ‘hundreds of millions of pounds.’

In the clip, he told his followers: ‘I am thrilled to announce that I am the proud co-owner of Ellers Farm distillery, and we make Dutch Barn Vodka.

‘It tastes great, it’s made from British apples, we’re committed to sustainability, and the protection of the ecosystem and the best bit is this could literally make me hundreds of millions, so please buy it, yeah?

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‘Sure like all strong liquor it may damage your liver and your wellbeing, but think how happy it will make me… and the saving the planet thing.’

About Ricky’s investment

Ricky’s investment follows years of support in the charity and conservation space, from going vegan to working with animal charities.

The actor remarked that he’s been waiting to find the right brand to invest in that matches his values and his ambition.

He said: ‘I’d been looking to invest in eco-friendly businesses for a while and as soon as I found Dutch Barn – I wanted in! I love the planet and I love a drink so it was the perfect combination.’

On a serious note Dutch Barn really is a quality product. I love the fact that it’s done differently and I can’t wait to let everyone know about it.

‘The exciting part for me is that I’ve been promised that I can try to make it a global brand in my own way. Something I can’t help but think they will regret.’

What Ricky said about giving up booze

The comic previously admitted that he could never give up booze, telling JOE: ‘I’ve got a watershed, I have a glass of wine at six o’clock. I mean, I’m looking at the clock at five to six.

‘I just think I enjoy doing it. I think that if it started ruining your life, or affecting your life, or you can’t get up the next day, then it’s probably not a great idea.’

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