Louis Vuitton lovers are horrified to learn that the luxury brand’s iconic monogrammed bags are made from PLASTIC


Fans of Louis Vuitton bags have been left shocked after learning that many of the luxury brand’s pricey monogrammed accessories are not made from real leather – but are instead designed with a plastic coated canvas.

Is Louis Vuitton made out of plastic?

A fierce debate was sparked after the Luxe Collective, a Liverpool-based resale platform for luxury bags, shared a TikTok video asking: ‘Is Louis Vuitton made out of plastic?’

In the clip, Luxe Collective cofounder Ben Gallagher, 23, and content creator Alexandra Gorska explained that many LV products are actually made with super durable, plastic-coated canvas.

And commenters had a field day, with some questioning the high price point and others saying they’d rather buy a dupe.

Ben was quick to point out that not every single Louis product is designed using glorified plastic.

What are Louis Vuitton monogram bags made of?

However when it comes to the brand’s monogrammed bags, which are arguably its most popular, customers shouldn’t expect to get a product that is 100 per cent leather, but rather a coated canvas.

After Alexandra posed the question, ‘I heard a rumor about Louis Vuitton but I really don’t want it to be true. I heard that the bags are made out of fake leather.’

Ben responded: ‘So Louis Vuitton do do real leather.’

Ben named the luxury fashion house’s empreinte leather, vernis leather, epi leather and taurillon leather as examples of the real deal.

He then explained that the classic damier monogrammed options, like the famous Neverfull (which starts at $2,500) were made out of ‘plastic-coated cotton canvas,’ although the luxury bags still had leather trim and handles.

The most famous coated canvas bag

While the Neverfull might be the most famous coated canvas bag, there are plenty of pricier options.

The Grand Palais will run you $2,910 while the Horizon suitcase, made with ‘ultra-light lining’ and cow-hide trim, is $3,400.

T compact Dauphine MM is coated canvas with leather trim for a whopping $3,800.

Is plastic bag better than leather’s?

Ben said he thought the plastic was better because it was durable, lighter, and water and fire resistant, which caused a commotion in the comments, as people wondered why anyone would need a fire-resistant handbag.

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‘It wears a lot better than leather so you’ll have it for longer and get your money’s worth out of it,’ Ben claimed.

However, his followers disagreed and questioned why the bags cost thousands of dollars if they weren’t made of real leather.

Imagine ‘buying a bag and not knowing it’s coated canvas,’ one commenter wrote as another asked: ‘How do people not know this?’

‘Why is still so expensive?’ was one popular comment. ‘You’re mainly paying for the brand name! Also the craftsmanship is quite good,’ one fashionista offered as someone else said the lavish accessories were pricey because they ‘last many decades.’

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