Soccer star Marcus Rashford’s brother allegedly ‘PUNCHED’ girlfriend after ‘finding messages from EPL player on her phone


Dane Rashford, the elder sibling of Manchester United star Marcus Rashford, has found himself embroiled in a legal situation regarding domestic violence.

Why the assault happened

The situation reportedly erupted following Dane’s discovery of text messages between his partner Andrea Pocrnja and an unnamed Premier League footballer.

The incident, as reported by The Sun (via Daily Mail), unfolded in Miami where Dane Rashford allegedly assaulted Pocrnja.

What police discovered

The ensuing police intervention led to the discovery of a dispute between the couple in their hotel room.

ADane Rashford and Pocrnja were returning from the popular Miami venue E11even.

It was during this journey that the altercation is said to have started by Dane going through Pocrnja’s phone, uncovering the messages.

The police report details Dane’s admission of pushing Pocrnja while they were in an Uber.

Pocrnja’s visible facial injuries were noted in the police complaint, alongside her statement alleging that Dane had ‘struck her in the face twice with a closed fist.’

How the assault unfolded

The report further stated (via Daily Mail): ‘The victim was on the phone with the front desk in an attempt to get the Wi-Fi password so that she could disable her phone that the arrestee had at the time.

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‘The arrestee assumed that the victim was calling the police and a physical altercation began, which she does not remember specifics of because she was intoxicated.’

Witness says otherwise

According to the police report, Marcus Rashford’s sister Chantelle Maynard was present in the room during the commotion, alongside the couple’s 14-month-old baby.

However, her story does not corroborate the victim’s according to the police report: ‘The witness stated that she did not see the arrestee strike the victim at any point.’

His arrest

Dane Rashford, subsequently arrested at 3:30 am, has since entered a written plea of not guilty to the misdemeanor battery charge.

The police documented Pocrnja’s injuries, and she received immediate on-site medical attention.

The case is set for an arraignment on November 27, where further details are expected to be revealed.

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