Son of top Hollywood agent accused of murdering his wife is seen DUMPING apparent body before his wife’s bloodied torso is found in a bin


The son of a top Hollywood agent who was arrested after a woman’s torso was found in a dumpster near his home in Los Angeles was caught on camera disposing of what appears to have been part of her body in a California strip mall parking lot.

Surveillance footage obtained by TMZ shows Samuel Haskell IV parking his white Tesla next to a dumpster in Encino Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 7, before opening up the back and taking out what appears to be a large garbage bag.

What CCTV reveals

Haskell, 35, can be seen carrying the garbage back on his shoulder before tossing it into the dumpster.

The shocking footage was recorded at the same location where a homeless person scavenging for recyclables stumbled across the bloodied torso early Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Investigators said there were no obvious identifying signs on the torso like tattoos, but that they believe it likely belongs to Haskell’s missing wife, Mei.

Mei Haskell and her parents — mom Yanxiang Wang and dad Gaoshen Li – were already reported missing before the gruesome find.

His arrest

Haskell was arrested after investigators discovered a significant amount of blood and other evidence inside his home which suggested the scene of a murder.


He was being held in jail on $2 million bail on murder charges, pending a court appearance on Monday, Nov. 13.

He allegedly gave workers $500 to haul away three large trash bags from inside the garage of his Tarzana house on Tuesday, just a day before the dismembered body was discovered.

Who is Haskell?

Haskell, the son of a powerful Hollywood exec who has represented megastars George Clooney, Dolly Parton and Whoopi Goldberg, allegedly told the workers the bags were filled with rocks, but the group quickly realized the contents were much more sinister.

They accepted the money and drove several blocks away to inspect the bags, which they described as soft and soggy, each weighing about 50 pounds, before turning back and dropping the bags off.

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Efforts to cover his crime

Haskell allegedly tried to pass the body parts off as Halloween props, but the men could not be persuaded to partake in his apparent dirty work.

They claim they immediately tried to report the grisly discovery to two separate police stations but were turned away.

The three children shared by Haskell and his missing wife were found safe at school and turned over to the Department of Children and Family Services.

Haskell, who has described himself as a director and posted several clips online of low-budget videos, has a history of violence.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon in December 2008, to which he pleaded no contest to battery and was placed on three years’ probation in 2010.

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