I’m an influencer and was brutally TROLLED for becoming a homeowner at 21


An influencer who faced backlash from her TikTok followers for boasting that she had bought her first home at the age of 21 has revealed she wanted people to see she was ‘normal’.

She is homeowner at 21

Katylee Bailey, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, posted a video in April celebrating that she managed to buy a house outright and is mortgage-free despite her young age.

But not everyone was happy, with some users saying pointing out that they work full-time and cannot afford to be a homeowner.

Speaking to Fox News she said: ‘People were saying that I was bragging, showing off, the hate just got worse and worse and worse to the point where I felt guilty for doing such a big accomplishment within my life.

‘I wanted to feel secure in my life, to have that security, I did such a big thing and people still decided that they wanted to bring me down.’

Her biggest achievement yet

In the controversial clip the influencer held a champagne bottle with confetti inside, which she popped before cheering, and captioned the clip: ‘Biggest achievement of my life. Here’s to my new chapter.’

How she became an influencer

In the new interview, Katylee – who dropped out of university to become an influencer – said that she used to have to borrow money from family to pay for food.

However, she now claims she’s been able to help her loved ones out financially.

Although Katylee admits that her job isn’t a standard ‘9-5’ role, she says she still has all the responsibilities of running her own business as she hit back at trolls who said it wasn’t a ‘real job’.

She received some hateful comments

Katylee said she even ‘struggled’ to actually move into the house because of the amount of hateful comments she received.

She added: ‘I wanted people to grow with me. I just wanted to show people that [influencers] can have a big following but still be normal.’

At the time one commenter wrote: ‘So sad the people that work the least get this and people putting their life on the line can barely afford heating.’

Another commented: ‘Lucky you, here I am paying 2 grand in rent every month because I am not eligible for a mortgage despite working 40 hours a week.’

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Katylee then made a second video where she sobbed to her followers about the comments she had been getting.

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