TROLLS say my face tattoos are ‘dumb’ and the reason I’m single – but I love my unique look


A British woman has hit back at trolls who call her face tattoos ‘dumb’ and claim they’re the reason she’s single.

How it started

Genesis, who lives in Kent and goes by @themiseryfairy on TikTok, where she boasts more than 125,000 followers and often makes videos about her sobriety journey.

She has a tattoo of a stitched heart underneath her right eye and a ‘444’ tattoo above her left eyebrow, as well as host of other designs across her body.

Angry trolls often leave comments on Genesis’ videos about her face tattoos, however she doesn’t let the hate get to her and always defends her unique look.

In one video with almost 50,000 views, she responds to a comment that read: ‘Those tattoos are just dumb. Why did you do that to yourself?’

How she claps back

She hit back by lip-syncing the lyrics to the Crassus: Minted Song from the Horrible Histories TV series.

With her arms crossed, the TikToker mouthed along to: ‘I’m Marcus Licinius Crassus, no rich man could ever surpass us.

‘Living there could be a pauper’s nightmare but if you’re rich like me then you don’t care’.

She has supporters

Commenters were also quick to defend the influencer with one writing ‘i love your face tattoos, they suit you perfectly!’

Another added: ‘Oh bore off. Genesis is stunning and a complete vibe!!!!’.

Genesis made another video where she wrote ‘coming to terms with the idea that I’ll probably be single forever because the odds are stacked against me.’

Do face tattoos scare men away?

She made a list of all the reasons why including the trauma and illnesses she’s suffered, however one angry commenter replied: ‘It’s mainly the face tattoos’.

In response, the influencer clapped back with a video where she looks around confused, writing on the screen: ‘Some of you just say anything’.

Again, her fans were quick to defend her, with one commenting: ‘Face tattoos don’t scare men away unfortunately, I’ve tried.’

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