Virgin Mary statue ‘starts CRYING real tears’ with eyes turning red as pilgrims flock to see ‘miracle’


Churchgoers in Mexico were left stunned after apparently witnessing a statue of the Virgin Mary shedding tears.

The viral miracle in Mexico

The alleged miracle is said to have happened at a church in El Canal in the state of Colima.

Following reports of the incident, hundreds of curious believers and skeptics made their way to the place of worship to see for themselves.

Did Virgin Mary statue really cried?

Footage taken and uploaded to social media showed what looked like small drops of transparent liquid falling from Mary’s eyes and down her face.

For some of those living in the area, the ‘weeping Virgin Mary’ is considered a genuine miracle.

Resident Víctor Ramos said: ‘Similarly, when we cry, and our eyes become red, the same happens to the image. So a couple of tears started flowing. This is the event, the phenomenon that is happening here in the church,’ reports The Sun.

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While others in the area have associated the Virgin Mary’s tears with the ongoing violence in Colima. Víctor added: ‘We can associate it with… the violence rates that are being experienced here in the state of Colima, also here in the community.’

What’s the scientific explanation behind it?

The so-called miracle may have impressed some believers in the area but others are more convinced that there is a scientific explanation behind it.

Professor Luigi Garlaschelli said that some statues are able to absorb water due to the porous materials they are made from.

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