Woman, 28, is ‘left devastated’ at discovering the man she’d been dating for six weeks was MARRIED


A woman has revealed the jaw-dropping moment she discovered that the man she had been dating for the past six weeks was already married.

The gist

Christina Gavin, 28, was devastated after her mother ran a background check on her mystery man and uncovered the fact that he was already in a nine-year-long marriage.

The California-based podcaster admitted that she ‘did not see any red flags during the first few dates,’ however, that changed around around the fourth or fifth outing.

After discovering the truth, she said: ‘It was a gut punch. I felt like I had lied to myself. I felt ashamed. I couldn’t believe that I let myself be involved in this situation.’

How she was trapped

While looking for love, Christina decided to use dating app Bumble to try and meet someone after spending the majority of her life single.

And, just after her 27th birthday, the podcaster connected with a guy on the platform and the two hit it off immediately.

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With Christina’s history of hopeless dates, she was pleasantly surprised that her courter had put a lot of effort into their first evening together and planned out the entire thing.

There was no red flag

Not noticing any red flags from their first interaction, Christina decided to continue seeing the mystery man as their relationship started to develop.

Christina’s mother (left) got involved and finally uncovered the truth after spotting a leasing agreement which had his name along with that of an unknown woman

‘I only had two or three nights a week that I could really hang out and he would only make dates for those days, so to me that was a green flag,’ she explained.

‘I did not see any red flags during the first few dates.’

Now she thinks some things are off

However, as time went on, Christina started to pick up on a few things that she believed seemed odd.

‘It wasn’t until dates four or five that I started to notice that some things weren’t aligning.’

Firstly, she noticed that he was always covered in dog hair – despite not having a dog.

He would also only ever go to her place, never exposing where he lived, and was always very careful about what he told her.

This triggered some questions in her mind, and she even considered doing a background check.

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