Woman, 34, gets 3-inch s*x toy lodged INSIDE her b”m – and says even doctors didn’t know how to fish it out


A woman has told of her embarrassment at having to go to A&E after getting a s*x toy lodged inside her bum.

Gigi Chapman, who lives in Manchester, and her lover used the three-inch metal toy one Sunday afternoon.

The 34-year-old, who posts explicit content on Only-Fans, said she felt the toy go in too deep and thought her friend had taken it out after the discomfort subsided.

After her efforts, she called 111

However, she soon learnt her body had ‘sucked’ the toy up.

After trying to fish it out for 40 minutes, Ms Chapman decided to call 111 and even got her housemate to take a look.

Sharing the awkward incident on TikTok, she told how the 111 NHS call handler was giggling at her medical emergency on August 24, before advising her to get to A&E to avoid damaging her sphincter.

After an ‘uncomfortable’ Uber ride to hospital, she was seen by an A&E nurse within 10 minutes.

An X-ray revealed the s*x toy was ‘so far up’ even doctors admitted they ‘didn’t know how to get it out’ – and advised Ms Chapman it was safer for her to have it surgically removed.

Panic set in

Ms Chapman said: ‘At that point the laughing had stopped, and I was a bit panicky.

‘The most traumatic thing I’ve had is a smear test or getting my coil put in. The thought of having surgery was scary.

‘One of the surgeons asked if anyone had tried getting it out, so he thought they should try before I went under general anaesthetic.’

The trainee doctor, which Ms Chapman described as a ’90s heartthrob’, tried to get the toy out.

She said: ‘I begged them to stop for a bit. They gave me a break and I had gas and air.

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‘They were at one point going to give me an epidural – it was like I was birthing a butt plug.’

Eventually, medics were able to remove the toy, but Ms Chapman asked them to get rid of it.

She said: ‘I didn’t keep the toy. He asked me three times, but I told him to destroy it and I never wanted to see it again.’

Ms Chapman told her followers on TikTok of her mortifying trip to A&E and even showed the X-ray in videos which received more than 4,000 likes.

She said: ‘I had loads of girls messaging me after saying the same thing had happened to them and they had never told anyone.

‘Obviously, it’s very embarrassing but these things do happen.’

Official data shows hundreds of patients required medical assistance to extract items lodged in their rectums.

A total of 514 procedures for the ‘manual removal of foreign body from rectum’ between April 2021-March 2022, according to NHS figures.

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